It is actually not raining!


The night was rather cold and we had frost in some places, like in my garden at the backside of the cottage but not at the front side of it. We had some fog and when the sun had rizen above the horizon the last parts of it out on the fields slowly rose up in the air. The Bog ladies however kept on having their fires alive for quite some time more.






The sun is shining so I can have the kitchen door open even it it actually is quite chilly. Nova tries to sleep on the stairs but the others disturbs her by walking in and out all the time 🙂 I can hear a lawn mower in the distance and I should really use mine a last time before I put it in storage for the season. But the grass is so wet that it only would be a mess with wet guyi grass all over the garden and inside my cottage.





The Forbidden Forest.


We walked down to the creek this morning and I could hear cranes trumpeting from the small lake nearby. It sounds as if there are plenty now but soon they’ll have moved south too. The geese honked all over the sky, they seems to be in a hhurry to get to warmer places. I could also hear a hunting dog somewhere on the other side of the bog, I never heard any rifle though so I guess the hunting was unsuccessful.






“Our” hunters have placed apples in strategic places all over the forest this year. I guess they really want to get a moose this year. I doubt they’ll hunt wild hogs though, these hunters are just too lazy in the morning to even get a chance to see any of those 🙂 🙂 🙂 But I won’t complain, I can walk all over the place because of that, I’ll be home since long before they even have gotten up in the morning 🙂 🙂 🙂






My slowcooker is working right now 🙂 I thought I would start with something easy and I had two soups left that I’ve gotten from Joyce at Octoberfarm. If things are as they should be the soup will be ready from 5:38 pm or some time later 🙂 I’ll tell You tomorrow what it was like 🙂 When I’ve tried this I’ll get in to something more advanced 🙂






This is the last day I’ll be writing at this place. There’s almost no space left here so tomorrow You’ll have to go to The Cottage by the Crane lake part two if You want to continue to read about my life in the village at the outskirts of the world. I will leave a link at this place to the new place for the last time tomorrow.

Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “It is actually not raining!

  1. Hi Christer,
    Lots of pretty today! I especially love the ones of low sun through the trees by the creek and also the sun-kissed cows. 🙂
    I think you are about 8 or 9 hours ahead of me in time zones so you may have already tasted your crockpot creation by now. I hope it was excellent. You can do oatmeal in it, you know. So breakfast could be cooking while you sleep. 🙂 I love my crockpot. It makes many things much easier.
    The parasitized tomato hornworm is looking rather bad now. It has a couple of dozen eggs (or whatever they are) hanging off it so it’s probably dead or near enough as to make no difference.
    The weather reports say it will get seasonably cold next week with a chance of frost so probably there will be no tomatoes from those brand new flowers unless I bring them inside the porch.
    But it’s sunny and warm today. I’m off to watch my niece perform with her dance team at half-time of her college football game. I’m hoping I don’t have to watch actual football for too long. 🙂
    Enjoy the day. See you on the new site.

    • Hi Caryn!

      It was a beautiful morning and I had hoped it would be like this today and even with some frost as well 🙂

      But I’m only six hours ahead of You so I still have around 2 hours left until I can take a taste of that soup 🙂

      I know those parasites are natures way to keep controll but I still just feel sad for that poor hornwom. But it makes me realize that it is nice to be at the top of the food chain 🙂 🙂

      I have to admit that I don’t understand Your kind of football 🙂 But I have friends that loves it and never miss to watch the Super Bowl on tv. I hope You don’t have to suffer for too long before Your nice starts to dance 🙂

      Have a great day and I’ll look forward to see You at my new home 🙂


  2. Great photos of the mist, especially by the creek with the sun streaming through the trees…glorious, Christer, I love it.
    We have your rain here today, a steady downpour, chilly. Our geese are flying south, we hear them honking in the middle of the night as they fly over.
    No need for a fire in our stove yet, but soon. Enjoy that soup!

    • Hi Robin!

      I think my favorite for today is the second photograph. But I do like the ones by the creek too 🙂

      I’ve a fire in the stove right now, the evening is already very cold so I better keep the fire burning into late night.

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer!!! this is SO exciting that you got a slow cooker! i hope you show it and show your soup. i think you will really like having one. it is a great fall day here today. sunny and 50 degrees and i am a happy woman! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      The soup isn’t much to show, the only thing that can be seen is the cubed Falu sausages I’ve put in 🙂 🙂 🙂 But I did show a photo of it, well the paqckage really with a picture of it 🙂 in Fridays post. I’ll take a new photograph of it when I do something more advanced 🙂 I is very practical to cook this way, I had it on for a big part of yesterday and didn’t have to care about it for a second 🙂

      The sun is shining here this morning, lots of clouds in between though. A bit on the chilly side and I doubt we’ll reach the 50’s today.

      Have a great day!

  4. Christer,
    The sun through the trees pictures are absolutely beautiful.

    It was a warm, lovely day here all day. Gracie was outside all afternoon and most of the evening. She likes to sit on the deck as it is so high she can watch the street. She hates anyone walking down her street.

    It is supposed to get cold for the next couple of days. Fall is being nudged away. I’m hoping dinner was a delight-nothing better than soup on a cold day. You will enjoy that crock pot!

    • Hi Kat!

      It was a perfect morning for photography 🙂

      This morning isn’t as nice as it was yesterday even though we have sunshine it’s a bit to chilly to have the door open and I have already a fire in the stove. But I won’t complain as long as it doesn’t rain 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. The sun shining into the forest is so Magical.
    If you need recipes, Joyce is the one to go to! Her blog always leaves me hungry!
    I’m catching up again…I’m off to read your last post on THIS blog!

  6. Why are you not earning your living with your photography? These are amazing. I love National Geographic..and it seems to me you have a talent for photography.. Over the past couple of years your picture taking has improved by leaps and bounds. These are the best you have ever taken!! I remember the contest you entered way back, and if you were to enter again..with photo’s like these..I think you would win. HANDS DOWN!!
    So…I cannot even pick out a favorite. They are breathtaking, Christer!!

    • Hi Mona!

      Now I know why this comment never reached me 🙂 You have posted it on the old blog 🙂

      Nature photographers rarely make any money otherwise I actually might have tried and I’m very glad that You like my photographs 🙂

      Have a great day!

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