Finally I’ve bought one.


Finally Friday, not that I’ve felt that this week has been particular long or boring but it’s nice anyway:-) We never got frost last night but it was close:-) The fog and later a few clouds stopped it. But the sky opened up when I went up so I got a couple of night sky photographs. It was getting light so I couldn’t see especially many stars but when I looked at the photograph it showed plenty:-)


This photograph really should be watched at in darkness so all the stars shows better, every single white dot is a star or a galaxy and there’s plenty even if I couldn’t see them while taking the photograph.




Sune woke me up sometime during the night but I was so tired that I in not so many or gentle words told him to go back to sleep and he did. I had to pay for that when we finally did get up:-) He ran down the stairs but just couldn’t keep it all in:-):-):-) well it was easy to wash away and he still doesn’t smell bad when peeing:-) So now I know that I still have to get up when he tells me to:-):-):-)



The Portal from a slightly different angle.



I drove, as usual on a Friday, by the super market on my way home after work. Not that I needed anything special but one can never have to many fire logs for the stove at home. I strolled around and was thinking about ordering that slow cooker I’ve talked about here. I have only found it on the internet but I like to sort of hold things I’ve never had any experience from before. Guess if I got surprised when they had a premiere selling slow cookers today:-)

The Altar. I’ve always thought this stone looks like an altar and it is guarded by two Rowans.




It was the next to smallest Crock-Pot and it was cheaper than on the internet as well. I don’t need a fancier one, this has high, low and warm temperature and since I only cook food for myself it didn’t matter that it’s rather small. I got a cook book for free if I bought it as well:-) The cashier told me that I should come back tomorrow because they should have a big introduction to show how it works and show what one can cook in it. But I answered that I have friends in the US that will tell me anything I need to know:-) She looked impressed that I actually knew what it was:-):-):-)





It’s time to make something to eat and a pot of tea. Tonight they’ll show Grimm at channel six and I hope it’s a program I haven’t seen yet. They stopped in the middle of the first season, we came to close to You in the USA I think, so now they show all episodes from the beginning before they start with the ones we haven’t seen yet. At least I think we’re close to the ones we haven’t seen. If it’s a re-run I think I’ll have an early night.





Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Finally I’ve bought one.

    • Hi Deanna!

      Sounds great:-)

      I’ve been told that I had to get one with a removable stoneware. This was the only kind they had yet though:-)

      Have a great day!

  1. Hi Christer,
    Lucky find, that crockpot. It looks like mine except that mine has clamps on it to keep the lid on if I want to bring it somewhere with food in it.
    Removable stoneware is the only way to go. Possibly they all have that now except for the very smallest ones.
    The new crockpots seem to operate at higher temperatures than the old ones did so if you use some older recipes, you might have to adjust times or cook on low instead of high.

    The Black Krim tomato got tomato horn worm but the tomato horn worm now has parasitic wasp eggs all over it. I’m telling you; it’s a never-ending saga. Oh, and the cherry tomato has 4 new blossoms. If it’s a mild October, I might have some more little tomatoes. And lots of baby parasitic wasps.:)

    Enjoy your new crockpot!

    • Hi Caryn!

      I was actually thinking of not driving by the super market yesterday, I really didn’t need anything and I already have plenty of fire logs. I’m glad I changed my mind:-)
      It wouldn’t feel comfortable to wash something that is using electricity so I am glad the stoneware is removable:-) I’ll see what the first think I’ll cook in it will be later today:-) I got one cook book for free and there’s one in the package too so I guess they both are up to date with how hot the working temperature will be in this one.

      I saw some photographs of an infected horn worm, nasty! But the grown up moth is beautiful! We don’t have them over here though. I’ll cross my fingers so that You’ll have some more tomatoes:-)

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Debby!

      This is almost totally new here in Sweden:-) The cashier got very surprised when I told her for how long it’s been used outside this little country of ours:-):-):-)
      This will be perfect when cooking dinner to bring to work:-)

      Have a great day!

  2. Yep, your crock pot is just like mine! I’ve had it many years and I think I’ve used it once.
    But I plan on using it more…er, really soon!
    You can always Google recipes too!
    Right at this minute, I have Grimm on! A new episode. Don’t worry I won’t spoil anything for you!:):):)
    so I’m going to sign off now and watch the rest!
    Take care, Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!

      I think this will be perfect for me, especially days when I have no wish to cook anything:-) I can make dinner for an entire week to bring to work:-)

      They showed the last rerun of Grimm yesterday so finally we’ll be able to see the rest of the first season:-) I’m guessing they’ll continue with the second season directly until we are too close to You again:-):-):-)

      Have a great day!

  3. Christer,
    I have a similar crock pot, but it has closers on the sides so I can transport it. I also have s small crock pot I use for hot dips when I have company. I like to use mine for spaghetti sauces and chili. A friend uses his all the time, but I find his dishes all taste the same s he tends to use soup as the flavor. It is definitely a convenient way to have dinner ready.

    I just finished watching the newest Grimm. I really enjoy he show and his friend Monroe.

    • Hi Kat!

      Slow cookers are almost totally new here in Sweden. The cashier looked amazed that I knew what it was and she couldn’t believe that You have had them for so long:-) We Swedes usually try anything new, that’s why many mobile phone companies tries out there new models over here. Very hush hush though:-) But this one has had problems coming to us. I guess it fits well since many cities and towns (including Falköping that I live close to) now officially belongs to CittaSlow.

      I think Monroe is the best of them both:-):-):-) It wouldn’t be much of a show if he wasn’t there:-) I think it was the last re-run yesterday:-)

      Have a great day!

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