A morning like others.

Blue moon.


The sun is finally breaking through the clouds after a rather dark and grey morning. It was that kind of morning when it was to warm to wear a sweater but too cold to not wear one 🙂 Lots of dew in the spider webs but they were hard to see anyway since the sun didn’t shine on them. I could hear cows in the distance and some cranes as well, but mostly I heard small birds chirping like they do during autumn and winter.





I haven’t seen the badger since Sune so happily jumped up on its back, I guess the poor animal finally decided this was a way to busy road to walk since it was the second time we disturbed it and chased it away, even if we actually never wanted to scare it. But I guess badgers doesn’t care if it was on purpose or not, they still don’t like it especially much.



We haven’t come especially close to any deers either for quite some time now, except for this morning. We were walking on the gravel road minding our own businesses when suddenly two of them jumped up like two Jack in the box toys. We would never have noticed them at all if they hadn’t and now they scared the living daylight out of us 🙂





A dead mole in the middle of the road caught some interest amongst the dogs and Nova wanted to bring it home with her but I really have to put the line somewhere so I didn’t allow her. I guess it’s one of the cats that finally closed the curtains for the poor animal, strange really since not even foxes that really can’t be choosy would eat a mole, they is said to both taste and smell rather bad, I’ve never tried it myself though so I really don’t know.





I had a short chat with the wasps living by my entrance door. I guess they too lack energy due to this rather dismal summer and since they hadn’t bothered me at all this year I told them that I wouldn’t poison them only because I could. I’ll spray that wasp killing spray later when they all are gone so that next years wasps know this is a dangerous place.





The warmth from the sun has woken up the last remaining flies and bumblebees in my garden, later on I’ll plant some perennials to keep at least the bumblebees going for some time more, I don’t feel the flies is necessary however but I guess they’ll benefit from both the nectar and pollen those flowers will provide. I myself will make a pot of tea and pour in some honey, not that I really need that extra energy the honey will give but I do like it sometimes.






Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “A morning like others.

  1. Här var vädret soligt och varmt redan när vi vaknade fast det var väldigt fuktigt och vått. Nu där emot är det mulet och det verkar som om det ka börja regna:( Hade tänkt att rensa lite och flytta om i rabatterna idag men jag får se hur det blir med det. Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!

      Riktigt soligt och skönt här nu 🙂 Det var till och med trevligt att klippa gräsmattan idag 🙂
      Jag hoppas verkligen det håller sig såhär resten av dagen! Funderar på om jag inte skall göra mig en äpplepaj idag :-)’

      Ha det gott!

  2. hi christer! i did not get to see the blue moon because it is too cloudy here. isaac, the hurricane, is getting closer and we have lots of clouds. it is hot and humid too. i love the photos of the cats today! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!

      It was cloudy here too but I got lucky 🙂 There was an opening in the clouds long enough for me to get that photo 🙂

      I do hope You’ll get rain now but not the winds!

      Have a great day!

  3. Christer, we did see the blue moon this week, but it was not as large and dramatic as I have seen in some online photos. And, my small camera, even with its zoom could never capture any detail. Today’s photos did seem rather gloomy perhaps reflecting the weather and your unwell feelings too. Nice to see more cat photos here too.

    • Hi Beatrice!

      The moon was rather small to be honest! Those with big moons have cut their photographs so it looks bigger 🙂 The thing to get details on the moon is to let the shutter stay open for a very short time so one has to force the camera to do that by adjusting that manually.

      It was dark when we went out and it stayed that way until 10, then the sun came through and now it’s a really nice autumn day 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Where my sister lives its very wooded area and she’s seeing a lot of deer. Lots of babies. She wanted some of my apples from my tree to lay out for them to feed on. She’s concerned because she has only seen the babies and not the mom and is worried something happened to her.
    The photos of your cats make me wish again that mine could go outside. Harry (my favorite but don’t tell the others) was at the back door crying to get out. I just can’t risk it. Several years ago on this very weekend, Ghost disappeared for a month and 3 days. It was such an awful time, searching for him. Sigh….
    Anyway, I need some of that wasp killing spray. I have a nest high up in the peak of my roof. 😦
    The tree guy was supposed to come today but it’s forecasted with thunderstorms all day so….I haven’t heard from him yet but obviously he can’t cut it down in the rain. Hopefully the tree doesn’t decide to move in the coming storms.
    Have a good weekend! – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!

      99% of the times the mothers stays hidden not far away, it is very rare that they would leave their young ones. But it’s always right to give deers apples 🙂 I never remove the ones that have fallen from my trees, deers just loves them especially when they are frozen 🙂

      This is a perfect place to have cats, almost no traffic and they know to stay away from foxes 🙂

      Just come over and I’ll give You my wasp poison, I don’t need it 🙂 🙂

      They should call if they don’t come even if thunderstorms are predicted! I too hope that tree doesn’t move if a storm comes!

      Have a great day!

  5. Your blog is a song of Autumn today…love every picture. I can always count on you to have a beautiful image of the moon. I could see the Moon in all her glory, but would never attempt a photo. Your recounting of the surprise of sudden deer and the taste of the dead mole had me chuckling! Conversations with wasps should be attempted carefully. A very enjoyable visit today, thanks, Christer. Savor the weekend! Love to the Family.

    • Hi Robin!

      I got one chance to get that photograph of the moon 🙂 It was cloudy but suddenly the clouds opened up for a couple of seconds 🙂

      If You can adjust the time the shutter is open its actually quite easy to take a photograph of the moon like the ones I take. Just have it open for a very short time and You’ll get a good photograph.

      The wasps are so lazy now that they took their time to listen this morning 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi Christer,
    Bertil looks really ticked off in that first photo of him. I can almost hear bad kitty words (as my vet calls them). He seems to have calmed down in the later picture. 🙂
    I got some Blue Moon photos. My Lumix can’t really do those shots so I don’t even try to get something that looks like a moon. My photos are abstract moon shots. Light scribbles. I’ll stick them up on Facebook so you can see. They’re kind of fun to do although they are really accidental effects, I guess. There’s not much control over what comes out.
    Good decision on the hornets. It seems wrong to kill them when they are so weak to start with and most of them are going to die off over winter. I tend to let them stay as long as they are not in an inconvenient place.
    Today is sunny and pleasant; not too hot and not too humid. Rocky and I went for a long drive and I had blueberry ice cream for breakfast. Hey, it’s fruit and milk and sugar and a crunchy waffle cone. Just like cereal, really. 😀
    Enjoy the day!

    • Hi Caryn!

      That’s just his normal look and mood, it is the second photo of him that is so unusual 🙂 He almost looks playful in that one and that’s something he never is 🙂

      I like all kinds of photographs of moons, especially if there are clouds in them as well 🙂 I’ll take a look at FB after this.

      Those wasps live between the roof and the ceiling and their entrance is just where my head is when opening the door from the outside. Previous times they have become aggressive this time of year and then I have no mercy. This year however they are polite so then they can stay to the bitter end.

      That was a perfect breakfast 🙂 🙂 🙂 As You say, it’s all the ingredients we have in a cereal 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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