They say no rain today??!

I am a bit obsessed by the weather, I admit it 🙂 but I think I’m not alone to be honest. It is either too hot and dry or too cold and wet on the northern hemisphere at the moment. But we’re actually not getting any rain today?! Well some but so little that it doesn’t matter. We might even get sunshine for a big part of the day 🙂 I’m not hoping too much but the signs are good. Yesterday evening we could stay outdoors without getting annoyed by flies or bitten by mosquitoes. Very unusual here 🙂


It’s a bit hazy today.



The Fire weed is flowering all over the place. I’m trying to get rid of it in my garden but I feel I’m loosing the battle.


Cow vetch, a common plant in this area.


So is the Angelica.


But I don’t mind if we won’t get any sunshine, just as long as it isn’t raining and that it is reasonable warm, not especially warm yet though. But our morning walks are always nicer now during summer while it still is cool, fewer flies in the air then. Sune finally understands they fun with walking around outside the home, that doesn’t mean he’s especially happy to be leashed and walk outside the gate. It takes a short while but then he likes it.







He is also slowly understanding that it is better to pee outdoors 🙂 Inside and I sound angry and he gets a bit scared, outdoors and I sound so happy and he gets a treat 🙂 He does love those treats and so do the others too. So when he gets one the others get one too 🙂 The treat is actually a dog food, even though I never would give it as food to my dogs (dogs eating it usually get rather fat and worried stomachs), but it works great as treats 🙂 Dogs would do anything to get some of it 🙂




Tired after the long walk.


I like different shapes on leafs in my garden. They change names on plants all the time now days so I’m not sure if this one belongs to Ligularia any longer, not the one in the next photo that is (or at least was 🙂 ) a close relative.



Yesterday morning, after writing the blog, we played in the garden with the foot ball. Sune decided he wanted to walk around the garden sniffing at things instead and suddenly the old ones refused to fetch the ball. Then I suddenly hear Sune barking a lot and saw something big and grey run away under the rose and goose berry bushes. I think it was a badger 🙂 So that’s how dangerous a badger is, scared by an eleven weeks old puppy 🙂 🙂 🙂 Today I’ll see where he can get in and out of my garden. Either it has dug a hole beneath the fence or pulled it down on the only place it has loosened from a pole. I don’t mind the badger in my garden but Sune will soon become more adventures and find that place and use it too 🙂


We suddenly heard this strange sound, much like a bird, when we were out walking yesterday. All dogs started to look up the closest tree.


It was an angry squirrel 🙂 We only have the red one here and they are very shy. I guess it’s because we also have martens here and they hunt squirrels a lot. I’m so glad I managed to photograph it 🙂





It’s time for breakfast and even though it’s already 8 am the temperature only reach 14 C (57 F), so I think I’ll make some cocoa.


First run up to the side of Nova.




And of course continue playing when un-leashed 🙂


Continue this all day and You have one really tired puppy 🙂



Have a great day!


14 thoughts on “They say no rain today??!

  1. Sune är så vansinnigt söt, man skulle så gärna pussa och grisa med honom lite. Förstår att han är trött när han leker hela dagarna och att han föredrar det mot att gå långa promenader! Skulle jag också göra!! *fniss*
    Vi har ju haft så vansinnigt torrt, men inatt så fick vi hela 32 mm. Det bara vräkte ner, så vissa av dom långskaftade perennerna ser lite medtagna ut. Så idag har man väl lite att se till. 😦
    TV´n slutade fungera i grå kväll – ja, alltså parabolen beroende på det otroliga regnet – så det var bara att gå och lägga sig tidigt och läsa. Gick bra det med, läste nämligen en thriller som heter Släke som handlar om mord på Gotland. Hittade den när vi köpte grönsaker i en gårdsbutik. Vi köper aldrig nya böcker numera, det vimlar ju av loppisar där man kan få tag i aktuella böcker för en tio eller femma. Och läser man mycket – som vi gör – så blir det annars en väldigt stor utgift i budgeten. 🙂
    Nu skiner solen igen och det är uppåt 20 grader, så snart gäller det att gå ut och klippa gräset – igen! Det växer ju så otroligt när det både är varmt och fuktigt!! 😦

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Visst är han, men ett litet monster dessutom 🙂 Nu lyckades han få Nova att skälla ut honom 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Jag får väl vara glad över att det inte är så torr här i alla fall, men det skulle behöva torka upp en hel del här. Nu när solen visar sig lär det kläckas millioner mygg och bromsar här är jag rädd. Myggen stör inte mig så mycket men hundarna blir sönderstuckna. Lille Sune kliar sig mest hela tiden nu den stackaren.

      Min ena bror och jag har en övernskommelse, jag köper serietidningar så köper han böcker sedan byter vi 🙂 Numera kostar ju en serietidning ungefär detsamma som en pocketbok så det jämnar ut sig riktigt bra 🙂

      Klippte ju gräset igår, det var både för långt och blött men nu är det gjort 🙂

      Ha det gott i värmen 🙂

  2. Hi Christer,
    Nice shot of the squirrel. Everything seems to be so much nicer over there. Over here the red Spawns of Satan are far from shy. They are small but feisty and chase everything that trespasses on their turf. If they can’t chase it, they with sit in a tree and scream curses at it.
    I love the picture of Sune sitting on the steps watching the world. It’s nice when they understand that it’s better to pee outside. 🙂
    My tomatoes have been producing lots of flowers but they are not setting fruit. I have one tomato. There’s one pepper, too, which is a miracle since some critter had eaten all the leaves off those plants.
    Very hot and humid here and will remain so for the next several days. I’m a little achy from wrestling with the AC unit yesterday. It’s really too heavy for me to be lifting and now I’m paying for it. But the cool is nice to have in this weather.
    Enjoy your cocoa. I’ll opt for cold tea. Have a good day!

    • Hi caryn!
      Finally I goot a couple almost good photograohs, I should have brought the little camera it really takes good photographs from a long distance. But squirrels behaves a bit different in the towns and cities to be honest 🙂 Out here there’s just to many that want to eat them and that are successful with it as well. They keep their distance just to be sure 🙂

      Yes it is so much nicer when they pee outside. Still it doesn’t smell anything but that will soon change 🙂 🙂

      You can help Your tomatoes to give fruit! Just rattle the flowers every now and again, that’s enough. It is actually a bit rare that insects pollinate those flowers I’ve read. NO peppers here yet, not even flowers 🙂

      They say the weather will stabilize some here too, perhaps not hot thankfully but some sun anyway 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Thanks for the pollinating tip. I think I have rattled them some because I’m always over there peering at them and poking at them. Helicopter plant parenting, I guess. 🙂
        There’s plenty here to eat the squirrels. Coyotes, foxes, hawks, cats. A tail-less grey squirrel ran by me the other day. Something had tried very hard to get that one but missed. But m guessing that the coyotes and foxes are not in the area right now because there are bunnies everywhere!

      • Perhaps there’s bigger competition for food over at Yours? So they need to be more brave then our squirrels?

        🙂 I liked that, Helicopter plant parenting 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Så bra att han fattar nu att man ska kissa ute;) Vår hund som vi hade fattade det väldigt fort men när det gällde nr 2 så tog det längre tid:) Han sprang som en galning hem när vi var ute för han var nödig, väl inne började han snurra runt runt far att hitta en bra ställning för att bajsa;) Det var ju inga problem att se när det var “fara å färde” men det gällde att ha stenkoll i ca 3 veckor sedan fattade han att man även skulle ut när man var bajsnödig:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Det fungerar bra hela dagen så länge jag kan ha dörren öppen, annars finns risken att han gör det inne 🙂 Han, liksom de andra här, fattar inte att man kan säga till när man behöver gå ut 🙂 Skita inne däremot gillar han inte, skönt att den biten var klar redan innan han kom hit. Däremot har han inga problem med att göra ifrån sig var han än är.

      Ha det!

  4. that little sune is the cutest puppy! we are about to be crazy hot again! 108 degrees on tuesday. i sure hope we get some cool weather this fall!

    • Hi Joyce!
      108!!! That is just awful! I have to admit that I prefer our cold and rainy weather compared to that 🙂
      I long for a long and warm autumn and You want a cool one, that shows really well what kind of weather we’re having right now 🙂

      Have a great day beside the AC!

  5. Fantastic pictures, Christer!!! That pup is the cutest thing. Favorite picture was the one where he is tied to one of your older dogs…CUTE!

    • Hi Mona!
      He is cute and he knows it 🙂 🙂 🙂 but to be honest, he has become a little monster 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. I’m loving these photos. Especially of Sune and Nova. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    It’s so HOT today that I can’t hardly stand! I waited until 7pm to water my flowers and sweat just rolled down my face even though I was under a tree.
    No relief in the near future and NO rain. Everyone’s lawns/ grass is brown…..well, not MINE. I’ve watered the Hell out of everything and I will have a big water bill later but I refuse to let everything die.

    • Hi Cindi!
      I am glad we don’t have Your weather but I wouldn’t mind a couple of weeks without any rain, soon I’ll be able to swim to work 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The few times we have a drought here I only water those things I want to survive (and I don’t have any water bill to pay 🙂 ), so grass is way down that list 🙂 🙂 🙂 It is surprising how many things still survive. But it never last longer than two weeks as most, I’m surprised we’re not born with webbed toes and fingers up here 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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