I might have a new neighbor and soon new people will move in to my neighbors former home.

Yesterday evenings sunset.

My neighbor called me yesterday asking if I knew anything about wild life nests.  He said something had dug a hole beneath his wood shed and the hole was big. I’ve noticed that something had dug a hole beneath my kitchen stairs as well but given up after a while. I guess there’s just too much gravel in the draining around my cottage. So I said it could either be a fox or badger burrow. I doubt a fox would have that much courage but badgers do. They never care whether there are humans close or not 🙂


We’re still having sunshine here even if it is almost 10 am?? (this photo is taken around 5 am though) But not enough to dry up any grass though. This is a Persicaria polymorha. It unlike all its relatives is a non spreader.





I told him that most of what is said about badgers are myths, they don’t chew until they can hear bones crack, they are not aggressive and they don’t eat kittens or puppies. So unless he was worried that they would do any damage to either the wood shed or his cottage he just could leave them alone. The only time they get aggressive is when they are cornered or when someone tries to poke them out from their burrow with a stick like he said he had tried to 🙂 🙂 🙂






He only cares about his lawn so the only thing that will happen is that badgers most likely will make new paths in it 🙂 I didn’t think much about it until this morning ( I know there’s at least one badger walking around the cottage during the night and the barrier that I’ve put up in front of the gate so Sune can’t walk away always lies on the ground every morning). I threw the football Nova loves so much but suddenly she refused to bring it??!  That’s really unusual!


I tried to have Sune leashed to Orvar yesterday and it worked so so. Hector can parry every jump and turn Sune takes, Orvar not so much 🙂




Sometimes it’s easier to just sit there and watch.


Suddenly Sune started barking and something grey and bigger than him ran away and disappeared in the rose bushes and goose berry bushes 🙂 I think it was the badger so I’ll be looking for a hole in the fence to see where it can walk in and out of my garden. I do wish I had bought that wild life camera last winter 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t mind a badger in the garden at all 🙂 I once rented a cottage where badgers had a big burrow beneath a big barn. My cat back then never wanted to move home during summer so when ever she saw I packed the car she ran down to the badgers 🙂 They never touched her 🙂


and sometimes if they play really tough it’s best to sit even further away 🙂


But only for a short while though.



Sometimes it’s nice to hide behind someone bigger.


We’ll get new neighbors in the cottage my neighbors moving away from too. I’ve heard it is a mother and her 35 year old son that will rent the place. They have goats! I do like goats behind a fence but they rarely stay behind fences do they 🙂 🙂 🙂 I won’t mind if they run around in the forest but I would mind if they came over here and ate my plants! Well we’ll see how things turn out when they finally move here.


My new lawn mower. It looks a bit like a formula one car doesn’t it 🙂

Have a great day!



24 thoughts on “I might have a new neighbor and soon new people will move in to my neighbors former home.

  1. Jag säger bara,sååååååååååååå trevliga bilder.Familjen hund är ute och promenerar sedan lek i gröngräset.Det ser ut att de trivs bra ihop.

  2. Så fiffigt att låta Orvar leda Sune:) ser väldigt gulligt ut:) Jag har heller inget emot grävlingar så länge de håller sig i skogen:) hade ju en här förnågra år sedan och det var ingen rolig syn på morgonen när den letat mask i rabatterna och gått fram som en mullskopa och pioner och annat låg uppslängda på gångarna:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Hejsan Monica!
      Jag fick tipset från en kompis, de hade gjort så och det funkade utmärkt för dem. Så varför inte pröva själv 🙂 Tänkte att detta kunde vara första steget mot att gå utan koppel, då är han ju van vid att hålla sig nära nån av de gamla 🙂

      Jag gillar grävlingar trots att de skövlar ibland 🙂 Men grannen har inga rabatter utan mest bara gräs så där tror jag inte han gör så mycket skada. Jag tror det var grävlingen som Sune skrämde bort här i morse 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  3. Now I know more about badgers than before I came here and your neighbor must have been glad for the advice. = I think your dogs are very sweet, the last shot of the cat reminded me of the one I had as a child. Beautiful photos!

    • Hi Denise!
      Badgers are rather calm animals that rather flee than fight. I thin it was the badger my little tiny Sune scared away this morning 🙂 But never corner them, they do fight when they need to 🙂

      I think many of us has memories of an orange cat in our childhood 🙂 I remember one that was nasty evil 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Wow – vilken gräsklippare! Jag ser dig hänga som en flagga bakom när den drar iväg!! *fniss*
    Underbara bilder på lilla Sune och hans “uppfostrare”, speciellt den när han pussas och den när han är ihopkopplad med en ledare – toppenfina bilder!!
    Jag är inte heller rädd för “badgers”. Sorgligt nog såg jag en samt en räv överkörda på Nynäsvägen, verkligen sorgligt! 😦

    • Tjänare Susie!
      Visst ser den häftig ut 🙂 Klippte bra gjorde den dessutom. Men långt blött gräs smetar bara fast inne vid klipparbladet. Fast jag hade inget val egentligen, regnet kommer snart igen och ju längre gräset blir desto längre förblir det blött.

      Fick tipset av en kompis att koppla ihop dem så 🙂 Fungerar jättebra med rätt hund 🙂

      Jag gillar grävlingar, de flyr hellre än bråkar tack och lov. Jag tror det varv grävlingen som Sune skrämde bort här i morse 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. hi christer! nice new mower. is it electric? we had rain for one whole second here! a miracle. we are getting even hotter too. ugh! that is so cute that you can leash sune to one of the other pups. how is he sleeping now? does he sleep through the night? joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      It does look good, doesn’t it 🙂 It is an electric and worked great today but the grass was too high and too wet so like in all mowers it just got stuck where the cutting blades are.
      A hole second 🙂 Congratulations 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m afraid we’ll be stuck with the weather we’re having for quite some time more, I think we both need a change now 🙂

      Sune sleeps all through the night and has done so since he moved here. But it does take some time to wind down in the evening 🙂 🙂 🙂

      By the way, how’s Your thumb doing?

      have a great day!

  6. I like goats too, but not in my garden! Sune is such a sweet heart, your dogs look so happy and content.Your dogs are very lucky to have a master like you, good luck with the new people moving in and enjoy that new power mower, its a beauty, it looks like it may fly!

    • Hi Laurie!
      Yes behind a high fence and far away, then I like goats 🙂 as dinner too 🙂

      I hope my dogs are happy and content anyway 🙂

      The mower even sounds as if it could fly 🙂 It sounded like a helicopter and then I realized it was the collector that made an awful sound all the time 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Little Sune, sitting there watching everyone, just gets to me. How can you stand his cuteness? I would just want to pick him up and hug and kiss him all the time! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love the new mower. I bought some bags of stuff to amend the soil so that I can “move” some of my front yard plants to the beds on the side of the driveway. I think eventually I will plant grass in part of the front yard and in the back of the old driveway area. I will also add gravel. I think it will be nicer to just go out and mow quickly than spend hours weeding. So, I will have to get a mower! Im sure I will get electric. I’ve had electric before and loved it.
    Goats!?!?! I can’t wait to see photos of goats! 😀

    • Hi Cindi!
      My heart is made of stone when it comes to cuteness 🙂 🙂 In fact he’s a little monster most of the times 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It is a good looking mower 🙂 and it works great too 🙂
      I’m planning more flower beds instead 🙂 To much lawn to mow 🙂 something I really hate to do 🙂 Weeding is nothing in comparison 🙂

      I’m not that happy about goats coming here 🙂 If they can keep them on that property no problems, if they come over here and eat my plants! Dinner time!

      Have a great day!

  8. Hi Christer,
    Around here a hole under a building is most likely a woodchuck but could also be skunks. If it’s a big hole, it might be foxes or coyotes though they generally don’t prefer to live under people’s houses. I’m not sure our badgers are as nice as yours. Perhaps because there are more big predators around here than most of Europe has.

    Nice lawn mower. Does it work as good as it looks? I would take off the grass catcher and use the mower on mulch. Not because I think it’s good for the lawn but because I’m lazy and don’t want to empty the stupid thing. 🙂 The grass catcher for mine is sitting on top of a storage box of yarn in the front hall because I left it out on the front steps when I first unpacked the mower. Haven’t taken it down cellar yet.

    I remember which dog is Hector because he wears a shield on his chest, like Hector of Troy. So he is the perfect choice to babysit little Sune on your forest walks. Protective of the puppy and fully able to defend himself from puppy antics. But they should all have to take turns anyway. It’s good for them.

    Good luck with the goats. Hope they are not too neighborly but goats hardly ever stay where you want them. Possibly the best way to deal with them is to put them where you don’t want them and hope they will escape to where you do want them. They would probably figure this out, though, and stay in place just to tick you off.

    Grey weather here but it’s supposed to clear up and get sunny, hot, and very, very humid for the next 5 days. Time to pull out the AC unit and hope it works.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hi Caryn!
      We have none of those except for the fox, in a way that’s nice to know 🙂 I doubt foxes would dig a burrow that close to us humans as well, but who knows, it is a rather safe place to live 🙂 Badgers really have no natural enemies here any longer. Lynx’s doesn’t care about them and we very rarely have wolves here. I think we humans are the worst they can meet now days.

      It is a good looking mower 🙂 Works great too 🙂 But the grass was so wet that it got stuck all the time. I had to stop it several times to dig out wet yucky grass 🙂 But that happens in all mowers when the weather is like this. But I don’t think I can put it on mulch I’m afraid, it may look advanced but it really isn’t 🙂

      I really don’t want goats in the neighborhood, at least not that close! If they come here it will become dinner time 🙂 Goat cooked in the right way is quite delicious 🙂

      We’ll actually have sun almost all day tomorrow!!! Another sign of the end of the world? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  9. Christer,
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a badger. Skunks, possums and raccoons are sometimes around but never a badger.

    The new lawnmower is great looking. I love the color. Good luck with it!

    Goats eat anything and everything. I’m thinking your neighbors have to keep them well fenced or they’d be heading over to your tasty garden. In African, the goats were everywhere. The only accident I had on my motorcycle is when I stopped to let a herd of goats go by me and instead they turned into me and my motorcycle which I dropped and burned my leg.

    I love the dogs walking Sune!

    • Hi Kat!

      I see badgers here quiet often, either as roadkills or walking around here on the fields. Unfortunately seldom so close that I can get a good photograph of them 🙂

      It does look cool that lawn mower 🙂 It works great too, I used it today but the grass was so wet that it smeared around the cutting blades 🙂 But that happens to all mowers with wet grass.

      Yes that’s what I fear. If that happens the owners better pay quick or the police will remove those goats rather quickly. I could of course take one or two as dinner every now and again 🙂 Do You have a good recipe for goat 🙂 🙂 🙂

      It is so practical with my dogs walking Sune 🙂

      Have a great day!

  10. Congratulations, Christer, on being the proud owner of such a sparkling mower. May you have many years of mowing pleasure. All the dog photos are great. Sune looks like he is going to be shorter than the boys, so you think? Badgers always sound scary to me, having read something a long time ago about their vicious nature. Perhaps that was misinformation. Oh, boy, good luck with goats. That can be a tricky thing. Hot, hot hot hot hot here. ugh.

    • Hi Robin!
      I do hope this one will last a bit longer than the others 🙂 I’m a bit tired of buying those mowers now 🙂 🙂

      We’re guessing that Sune will be slightly smaller than Orvar and Hector but we really have no idea 🙂 So it is a bit tricky when it comes to feeding time, I really don’t know how much food he should have.

      I was brought up with those myths about badgers too 🙂 Well, I’m talking about the European badger I really know very little about those on the American continent. But those myths were born from when they met badgers while hunting them. I too would be ferocious while being hunted by dogs in my own burrow 🙂 But badgers really are peaceful animals as long as they aren’t threatened. I have a friend that played with badger cubs while their parents looked at them 🙂

      I do hope they know how to keep those goats behind a fence 🙂

      Have a great day!

  11. My daughter killed a badger that was attacking my wolf (totally different story, there) and had him/her dressed and cut up, soaking in a pot of water in the fridge, by the time I got home! I asked why and she reminded me that I always said, “Dead is dinner!” What kids remember! I told her, yes, but we don’t eat predators. If the eyes are on the front, we leave them alone… I LOVE your mower. It looks so avant garde. My electric mower just looks like a gas-type copy. Have a great day! I’ve got to mow.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      I doubt a badger even would think of attacking a wolf here 🙂 Well if it is cornered of course but never otherwise.

      Why don’t we eat predators? I know no one does but I don’t know why. But it was great that Your daughter had listened to You 🙂

      It does look cool 🙂 mows very well too 🙂

      Have a great day!

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