It didn’t last that long.

Red leafed Ninebark.

Well it was fun as long as it lasted, we had until we stopped working today and the rain came on my way home. But it hadn’t rained especially much here in the village so I managed to mow two thirds of the lawn without too much work. I guess thunder is nearby since the flies behaves like crazy and the wind is strong, the gusts are even stronger so a huge branch on a tree at my neighbor’s yard broke and almost fell over her car. Luckily she hadn’t parked her car like she usually do, if she had she wouldn’t have had any car any longer 🙂




Elderberry tree.


Only five more working days and then its vacation time 🙂 I feel I need it now because I’m tired every day and a weekend just isn’t enough any longer. I guess when living this far north never getting sun during winter, except if we’re lucky to get clear weather during winter weekends, we do need these weeks during summer. The problem is that it seems as if we won’t get any sunshine now either 🙂 But it is at least daylight most part of the twentyfour hours the day has 🙂 But it turns quickly now I’m afraid, soon winter and darkness will be here again. Hopefully we’ll get a long warm autumn like we did last year and it would be even better if we got just the same kind of winter, warm with very little snow 🙂


The old rose without a name. It also grows in the lilac hedge.


A hornet around 3 cm long (around 2,15 inches).


This fly never annoys me and I like the color it gets when the sunlight hits it.


Sune moved hopefully to us next Friday, it depends on weather they are home that day or not, otherwise it will be on Saturday morning. I’ll call them next Wednesday so we can decide what day will be best. I guess the first night will be a bit troublesome but most of the dogs that have moved to me has stayed calm that first night away from home. I’ll simply have to make him a bit tired that first evening 🙂 We have no idea if he’s going to be big as his father or small as his mother 🙂 If he will be guarding this place or if he couldn’t care less like his mother 🙂 I think that’s why I like mixed breeds, I never know what will become of the dog 🙂


Taking care of the broken branch on my neighbors tree.


Lemon flower.


This is a good blueberry year.


I will be a bit busy this weekend, no it has nothing to do with the puppy 🙂 so I won’t write anything here until Monday. I hope I’ll have some nice photographs to show then. Now it’s time for something to eat and a pot of tea.



Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “It didn’t last that long.

  1. Visst har man mycket att görta nu, men våra små “gullgrisar” kommer ju alltid först. Alltså tog vi oss till vetten idag där Santos röntgades – illskrikandes och med munkorg eftersom han absolut inte ville ligga ner. Man kunde tro att vi gjorde honom riktigt illa, det hördes över hela lokalen!
    Det slutade med att jag fick gå ur rummet, dom trodde nog jag skulle reagera när dom tvingade ner honom. Men jag hade varnat för att det inte går att hålla honom, så till slut var dom tre pers som gjorde det – trots att jag ville han skulle få en sömnspruta. Gillade inte alls tjejen som hade hand om röntgen, hon verkade inte snäll och dessutom var hon lite grinig!
    Det var lika mycket “grus” som tidigare i blåsan, så det bestämdes att man skulle göra ett ultraljud på honom. Då sa Elin, vår veterinär, ifrån att det var klart att han skulle få en spruta – och sen sov han ju gott! Kunde dom ha gett honom på en gång, men då var Elin inte på plats!!
    Tyvärr visade det sig att det låg en stor sten – lite över 1 cm – för utgången för blåsan, så nu blir det operation på tisdag eftermiddag. Inte kul alls! Varken för honom eller oss, men det måste ju göras. Usch – det är värre än när man själv opereras!!

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Så konstigt att de inte gac honom lugnande direkt! Orvar blir sjövild när han skall röntgas så där måste det till starka saker 🙂 En 50 kilos hund blir stark när han har panik 🙂 Hectpr har en tendens till att sluta andas så han får bara något milt lugnande.

      Huvudsaken är ju att han får ut stenen, såret blir nog ganska litet så det skall nog inte irritera så mycket efteråt hoppas jag

      Ha det gott!

  2. Your neighbor was so very lucky, that was a huge branch. I hope the birds don’t get all those blueberries, you must make a pie or muffins! That large hornet looks very formidable! Looking so forward to Sune coming to live with you. Have a good, dry weekend! Love to the family!

    • Hi Robin!
      Yes she was, she has a small Japanese car so it would have been damaged totally!

      The birds didn’t take the blueberries last year and come to think about it, they rarely take any berries here only cherries actually.
      It will be at least a pie but also jam 🙂

      I do hope the rain will stay away as much as possible even if they predict otherwise 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer! i am so excited about sune! maybe the rest of the pups will keep him calm during his first nights. we had 104 degrees here yesterday and again today. it is going to be hot for as long as they can forecast. am rally sick of this weather! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      Either they’ll keep him calm or make it worse 🙂

      I have to admit that I rather have all this rain than Your hot temperatures! I don’t understand how I would manage to stay alive if it was that hot here!

      Have a great day despite the heat!

  4. Christer,
    I always figure the closer we get to vacation the more we let our defenses down. If your vacation were two months away you wouldn’t be this tired. You be fine until a couple of weeks before then you’d let the exhaustion seep through!

    Hang in there-it’s coming!!

    • Hi Kat!
      I think You’re right about that. Only four more days and I’ll get even more tired I guess 🙂
      Only four more days!

      Have a great day!

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