Up with the badger.

We were already on our way to the badger when I took this photograph. The sun went up at 4:19 am and will go down at 9:47 pm tonight.

I normally write this earlier in the day on weekends but I took a nap and it became a bit longer than I had planned 🙂 We were up walking already at 4:30 am today, I wanted to get a photo of that badger we can see early mornings. They usually follow their route every day looking for food so I was pretty sure that we would find her like always. I write her because it is rather small, the male ones I’ve seen have been rather much bigger. I brought the little camera since it has such a good zoom, I shouldn’t have 🙂 This time the little lade wandered around in her own thoughts looking for something edible just beside the gravel road.





She was so occupied digging up what ever she had found that she didn’t even notice we were there. Unfortunately that meant that her head was below grass level. I coughed, whistled and talked loud, she just kept on digging. So I took a photograph on her back and suddenly she raised her head. I got so surprised that I did everything wrong 🙂 She realized that we were there and ran away in a hurry and I missed the chance totally 🙂 🙂 🙂 We’ll go back next week again if weather permits. I don’t want to disturb her that much that she changes her habits and walks elsewhere.



This is unfortunately the best photo I got on the badger. Could be a tuft with dry grass really 🙂



Tonight’s the grand finale in the Eurovision Song Contest. 42 countries have sent an artist and song (not longer than 3 minutes) to participate in this competition. That is way to many so there has been two semi finales earlier this week and those have left 26 songs for tonight. Five countries are always in the finale because those countries pay so much to the European Broadcast Union 🙂 and the winner from last year naturally. Sweden made it to the finale and is one of the favorites according to all the big betting businesses. This year the contest is held in Baku, Azerbaijan, a not especially democratic country.



Not a cottage without lilacs.



The regime in Azerbaijan thought this would be a great opportunity to show how beautiful the capital Baku is, so they evicted lots of people living in the area where they wanted the new arena built where the contest is held tonight. They did that in the middle of the night in February (very cold there then) and the evicted had no place to go and wasn’t paid what their homes was worth. I guess the regime never thought us long away ever would get to know that. What they absolutely didn’t expect was that the artist competing would visit some of the civil rights movements while being in Baku for the contest. Our Loreen did that and the authorities in Azerbaijan wanted her to be disqualified for politicizing the contest. Suddenly I don’t think the regime thought it was such a good idea to win last year 🙂 🙂 🙂





Suddenly they couldn’t hide the fact that they are persecuting people who wants democracy , they don’t even try it any longer. The police arrested peaceful demonstrates in front of the entire European press yesterday. The ruling family can do much whatever they like because Azerbaijan has lots of oil and it is way to easy to bribe foreign politicians with Russian caviar, champagne and other luxuries. But that will be harder now after this week 🙂 🙂 🙂




Who could have guessed, lilacs in the forest as well 🙂 and these are just a few ones.


It has been cooler for most part of today, even if we did reach 27 C (81 F) for a short while. Clouds and wind helped to keep a lower temperature most parts of today. The stench of lilacs fills the air in the village and it is slightly disgusting. Well I guess You all think I’m unfair and that lilacs smells fantastic and I agree that one lilac does but we have them everywhere here. Every cottage and house has lilacs around them, they grow in the forest as well out in the fields, they are everywhere! My hedge was filled with flowers but thankfully something killed over half of them 🙂 Unfortunately it didn’t kill the entire hedge, just the flowers.





It is time for a pot of tea and perhaps something to eat as well. Nova wants me to throw a stick and Hector agrees, but his bad leg got worse after this mornings stick throwing so I think I’ll skip that this afternoon. Nova thinks that I’m boring 🙂


It doesn’t look much for the world right now, it’s actually looking a bit less than it should because I walked on some of them while planting them 🙂 But I’ll plant more Hosta here when I can see how these fill up their places.


The other side of the pond is the fern part. They are still so small that they are hard to see right now 🙂


The Maple seedlings are growing fine now 🙂 They aren’t this yellow in the real world though.


Have a great day!


The flower on my red leafed clematis. I love that color it has!



13 thoughts on “Up with the badger.

  1. Hi Christer,
    Englebert Humperdinck, the Irish twins with the sticky-up hair, the Russian Grannies and Spain hoping no one will vote for them because they can’t afford to host it next time. That is the extent of my knowledge of Eurovision. Oh, and who really thought Azerbaijan would be different than it normally is? 🙂

    Nice try on the badger. You can’t really complain because you were so quiet she didn’t know you were there.

    I planted some more flowers this morning. Aquilegia, alyssum, another daisy and a poppy. There are 4 alyssum left over but I can’t decide what to do with them, put them in the ground along the top of the wall where the dog can dig them up or put them in a container by the door where I can smell them.

    It’s warm and cloudy here. 84 Fahrenheit. Too hot for me.

    Enjoy your day.

    • Hi Caryn!
      Well I think Russia could have afforded it :-)Otherwise very few European countries could. To be honest, who knows anything about Azerbaijan? We do over here because they participate in this competition every year and they usually have Swedish songwriters for their competing song. In fact ten other countries had swedish songs this year, so we almost had 50% chance of winning even if we hadn’t won 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The only thing I do complain about that photo is that I became to eager to get a good photo that I messed it all up instead 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Alyssum used to be rather popular here but now days few know about them. To bad because they are fantastic flowers that smells so nice. But forgotten plants are usually rediscovered after a couple of years 🙂 But there’s always the problem where to plant our flowers if we have dogs (and cats!) I know that as long as I keep an area dandelion free thry will be left alone most times. My dogs loves to dig up and eat dandelions and anything close to them will be in danger of dying 🙂 🙂

      84 is to hot for me too! Thankfully they say we’ll get around 70 today 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer, glad to read that it has gotten a bit cooler since reading the earlier post about the hot days at work this week. The newer all in one cameras, like your new one do have a nice longer zoom lens and are so handy to carry around. The small Canon digital camera that I always carry with me does not have a long zoom lens, but it is really very handy to carry along in a pocket. Many of the photos I use for the Friday Funnies have been taken with that camera. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Beatrice!
      Unfortunately it will be nasty cold later in the week. Down to 39F they say!!! But it’s a long time prognmosis so that can change quickly 🙂

      Yes these newer cameras are great that way but mine doesn’t really fit in a normal pocket, it is a bit to thick for that. But the zoom lens is fantastic to be honest.

      Have a great day!

  3. Lots of photo today Christer, thanks. I think the winner is the cow. What an angle for her back end. Like a straight edge. Funny. I couldn’t see the Badger in the first photo. Enjoy your song fest tonight. I enjoyed the history. Who would have guessed?

    • Hi Z&M!
      I’m not sure which one I like best but perhaps the one with the hares.
      I would have been surprised if You had seen a badger in that first photo, since the badger is in the sixth one 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I did enjoy the evening 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. beautiful photos! So many Lilacs, I do understand the smell can become a bit over powering, we had quite a large hedge of them on our farm and when they were dying off (the blossoms) they smelled like rotting wine, not good.I have never saw a badger, I think they may be like our wolverine or fishers maybe.I have closed my blog When the bough breaks, I couldn’t remember if I told you.We had a virus, then our computer crashed, now i’m starting brand new.We have installed Norton again (it didn’t stop the virus the first time) hopefully I neverhave that happen again, it scared me to be honest and I removed my blog, I shouldn’t have done that, but I’m back blogging, I hope you will find me at my new blog, have a wonderful weekend,

    • Hi Laurie!
      Finally someone that understands me and the lilac stench 🙂 But as You say, the worst is yet to come when they are dying off! That’s just disgusting!

      A badger is smaller than a wolverine and at least lower than a fisher. But the old males are rather big to be honest and best to keep a distance to if they get annoyed 🙂 But to be honest, they rather run than fight 🙂 We actually have wolverines not to far away from here now, something that surprised me since they almost got extinct and mostly lived high up in the mountain areas 🙂

      I’ll pop over to Your new blog today, I get that address when You comment here 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. hi christer! i have never seen a red leaf clematis. i wish i had one! it was 105 degrees here thisafternoon. teddy and i are not the least bit happy. and the humidity is over 90%. i live in hell!!! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      I think this is the only one I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately it gets dark green later in summer. This is a clematis I’ve sown myself so it might actually be the only one in the world 🙂

      Well if You don’t live in hell You must at least live very close 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m npot sure how I would manage those kind of temperatures?! I guess I would live in my cool cellar all the time 🙂

      Have a great day despite the heat!

  6. Hi Christer; great photos as ever. You’re so lucky to be able to see badgers and deer so often. I once got within 8 feet of a badger, who had been making so much noise trying to dig his way through a wire fence that he didn’t hear me walking up behind him on the path. But. of course, I didn’t have my camera with me!
    Oh, and I think the pink flowers you couldn’t remember the name of could be Campion; but I may be wrong.

    Enjoy your day,

  7. well, you know I love Lilacs but I do get the idea. It’s probably a bit like I am with Roses. I love them but I don’t really like the smell and if there’s a lot of them…it makes me sick. Good luck with the badger. 🙂 Today it’s supposed to hit 95 degrees but luckily there will be some wind. I plan on working outside since it will be cooler than inside. I could put the air-conditioners in the windows but the temps are supposed to drop again this week and I love having the windows open. I smiled at your Maple seedlings. Funny that you are growing them and I’m pulling them out of my yard and yet I buy lilacs and we know what you do to them. 🙂
    Take care, – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      Yes one lilac is nice but many is awful and soon they start to wither and then it becomes even worse 🙂

      Today is rather nice but only as long as the wind blows, this is not a day to stay away from the breeze 🙂

      These are not the every day maples 🙂 I too pick up lots of our most common maples every year 🙂 These comes from Japan/Korea/ China and is rather unknown in most places to be honest. But Your right about lilacs 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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