6,6 pound of liver, a lemon and a bog.

Not much to make lemonade of but I've grown it myself 🙂


It has been a rather nice morning and noon despite the cold wind we’re having. But dressed properly no wind can destroy a walk with my dogs, but I was close to boiling when the sun started to shine every now and again. It does give more heat than one might imagine now in February.




Hippeastrum striatum, I think it still has that name, though they do tend to change them every now and again. The Barbados lily is one name I found in english, we call them spoces since it always comes two flowers at a time. One of the easiest plants one can have in a home.


On our way to the creek.


I started the morning by going down in to my cold cellar to pick the one and only lemon I have on my lemon tree 🙂 I should have picked it a week ago but since it’s rather cold down there it’s still in good shape. I haven’t tried it yet but my guess is that it’s either so sour that its impossible to use it or not sour at all 🙂 🙂


I call these creeks but they really are ditches. The area is filled with them otherwise this would turn back to become the swamp it used to be.


But I do think the big creek actually is a creek even if they have made it bigger than it usually was.




After that I brought out 6,6 pounds of liver from the freezer so it could start to defrost. I have it in the oven at the moment and when it is done I’ll ground it down so I can put it in my dogs food. They just love it when I do like that and I guess the food gets much better nutrition wise as well. The livers come from older pigs and does taste a bit too much to use as food for myself but the dogs just loves it. I could give it to them raw of course but liver tends to be very messy if it is uncooked.





Can You see the shiny footprints from a fox. The sun showed for a second and made them show clearly on the ice 🙂


Never standing still even for a second 🙂


Like always on a Saturday morning we  went down to the creek  and there were lots of tracks from mostly hares, deers and foxes. But later today we went out on the bog and walked rather far this time. Bogs are treacherous if one doesn’t know where to walk, tree roots can grow out over deep holes so that they can’t be seen and it’s rather nasty to fall down in to one of those. But the ice is so thick now that there was no risk of doing that.


To get out to the bog we had to get out on that white area You can see here. It's an island and a creek blocks the way. But both the creek and the area around it was frozen solid today.


When standing on that island I'm almost on the bog. My next goal is to get to that other white area that also is a part of an island. I know my way around here so In just walked straight over the bog.


It's easiest to just follow where the deers has walked, they never walk where there's deep holes.


The bog is very big and this is just a tiny part of it.


The bog (well it’s actually a lake they have lowered several times) is a nature reserve and one of my favorite places to walk around. It is so quiet there and  even if my dogs and I makes lots of noise we still managed to surprise two Black Grouse hen, I think they scared us more than we scared them 🙂 🙂 🙂 Nova must have thought she was in heaven because of all scents she could follow 🙂 This was the first time she gone this far even if we actually turned back after a short while. Bogs are strange in many ways but I’ve never figured out how or why my foot prints always disappears. I can never find them when we’re walking back the same way we came.


An old hunting tower.


The nature reserv is bigger now days from what I've heard. But it's easy to see the old borderline 🙂



Back in the days when this still was a lake this place was a shallow lagoon. I can see myself camping here during the night after a day of canoing 🙂


The liver is soon ready to be ground down and after that I’ll take a nap. They say the sun will shine tomorrow and if it does I think we’ll walk even further out in to the bog, perhaps all the way to the small rest that still exists of the lake!


We followed the edges of the island just going in here and there to see how it looked. When a tree falls in the nature reserve it stays. This tree looked much the same several years ago and is home to millions of small creatures.




Here we've reached the end of the island and looking towards the place the lake is. I checked on the map and it's around 1,6 kilometers (around one mile) to the lake from here. Here beginss unchartered grounds for me though so we turned homewards. Strangely enough almost all my foot prints were gone but not my dogs?! Bogs are strange places 🙂


Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “6,6 pound of liver, a lemon and a bog.

  1. You have a piece fo paradise there for sure. I like the way you explain what we are looking at.
    And the picture of the tree with its mushroom growning out of its side. You must have a great camera.
    Thank you as always for sharing.

    • Hi JoJo!
      Yes I sure do 🙂
      I felt I had to tell You otherwise those photos just would have been strange 🙂 🙂

      I have Nikon D300 and It’s a good camera in its price range.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Christer,
    It’s the Bog Women sweeping away your foot prints so that you won’t find your way back and they can keep you. 🙂

    If I followed the deer tracks in my back swamp, I’d sink up to my hips in muck. I don’t know how they can walk over that stuff with their tiny feet and not sink in but they do. The coyotes have no problems either. Only the people. Sometimes I think about putting a duck board path out there just so I can get farther in but then I think about how much work and wood that would take and I let it go.

    Photo number 8 is interesting. I like how the water has lowered away and the ice has broken in so that it looks like an oak leaf fell through.

    Congratulations on your lemon. I hope it has some kind of flavor even if you have to water it down and honey it up a whole lot. 🙂 Is the cold cellar the secret to growing lemons in a cold climate? What kind of lemon tree is it?

    Still raining out. Not snow. I’m considering some chocolate for lunch. Or pizza.
    Enjoy your day.

    • Hi Caryn!
      They are tricky trhose ladies 🙂 🙂

      It is strange that deers with their thin legs can walk everywhere 🙂 I know they don’t weigh that much but still, those legs are like needles compared to ours 🙂
      I think that phenomena is cool 🙂 and as You say, it looks like an oak leaf has fallen through the ice 🙂 (But our oaks doesn’t have leafs like that I’m afraid).

      I´ll cut open the lemon later today and drop some in my tea. I have at the moment no ida at all to what kind of lemon it is but I think I still have the label hanging on the tree. The cold cellar is the secret, I could have the lemon tree up here in the cottage but it’s to warm for it to be honest. It would only get a lot of pests and most probably die because the lack of light. Down in the cellar I have a green house light 🙂 I also have my black walnut down there together with two peach and three apricot trees (and some other plants as well). They all are alive and look healthy even though they have dropped almost all leafs now.

      A light snow fall outside now and it will continue all night they say.

      Have a great day!

  3. A great tour of the bog and surrounding areas. I am trying to imagine the stillness and quiet of the place; must be awesome. I agree with Caryn about the Bog Women sweeping away your tracks!! Congrats on the lemon!! Let us know how, or if, you are able to use it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

    • Hi Robin!
      And still we’re only at the beginning of the bog area 🙂 It’s huge! But I love walking there and it is so quiet. It’s even more quiet during summer when all the leafs takes away all sounds from the expressway far away.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the bog ladies doing that, they are dangerous when they want to 🙂

      I’ll tell You tomorrow about that lemon 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. i just love the photo of nova bounding through the snow! teddy sure would like that liver. i make her liver often and add it to her food. she loves it. the bog sure sounds like a scary place! it is snowing here today!!!! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      It’s so nice to see Nova run around like that 🙂 and she’s never far away.
      I can tell You that my dogs were pestering me until they got some of that liver in their food 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The bog can be a dangerous place to walk around in if one doesn’t know what one is dealing with. It’s easy to loose directions and walk the wrong way home and get lost. Deep holes are everywhere and they are much like quagmires sometimes. But I just love that place 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. It mustbe wonderful to pick your owm lemons, thats something special.I really enjoyed the photos today, you have healthy dogs,, liver must be such a treat for them

    • Hi Laurie!
      It was 🙂 It’s my first one ever but I’m hoping for more. It takes around one year for them to ripe 🙂 🙂 🙂

      They love it when they get liver in their food 🙂 They were a pest while waiting to get it 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. isn’t it a Swedish Lemon? 🙂
    Love the photo of Nova! She is really enjoying herself!
    Careful out on that Bog! But then you probably knew I’d say that.
    Ha! Have a good weekend.
    – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      It’s very swedish 🙂

      I’m always careful out on the bog, I must otherwise I might disappear for ever 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Woodsy photos today Christer. The dog jump is fantastic. I thought liver was good for a dogs fur. Made it shine and gave it more oils the skin needs to survive in cold climates. Not sure if I read that or saw it on TV. Have a good one!

    • Hi Z&M!
      I think liver is good for all animals in general but I didn’t know that about it being good for the fur. But I know wild animals tend to eat it first when they have caught a prey. I’ll keep an eye on my dogs fur to see if it looks better after a while!

      Have a great day!

  8. Old hog’s liver!!! Mmmm, sounds tasty! 🙂 Well, I’m sure the dogs loved it! What a nice treat for them..we give our little wiener dogs, chicken livers sometimes…Yum! 🙂
    Another great airbourne photo of Nova…I swear, she has wings on her feet!! Oh and watch out for those bog gnomes out there! 🙂

    • Hi Chris!
      Yes old pig’s liver with that extra hoggy taste 🙂 🙂 and yes they love it 🙂
      And I have to say I love chicken liver as well 🙂 I love all knds of liver to be honest 🙂

      Nova just loves to run around and the faster the better 🙂 🙂
      I’ll keep an eye on those bog gnomes or worse things out there 🙂

      Have a great day!

  9. Well, lucky dogs, is all I have to say. I love liver. Chicken livers are one of my favorite dishes..but any liver is good. Especially friend with Onions.
    Bogs. You have spoken a lot about them in the past and one place in particular that seems to make you pause and back off. You say it’s just a “feeling” you have about it that keeps you from going into it.
    As I have told you before, bogs are always mentioned is frightening Fairy Stories for children… 🙂 And since I am, and always will be somewhat a child..bogs are not my cup of tea.
    I always say “be careful out there” which is silly because most certainly you know what you are doing.
    So..enjoy your tea and cozy cabin.

    • Hi Mona!
      I love liver too but these wouldn’t taste good to us. The pigs were just to old 🙂 I’ve eaten barbequed liver once and that was delicious! but anything works 🙂

      The place I won’t go to is far away from where we have walked now. Yes lots of stories where bad things happen on bogs 🙂 But thankfully they never stick in my head, otherwise I think it would be impossible to live here 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I’m careful, not fun to sink down in to w deep hole during winter, even in summer its nasty even if it at least is warm 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  10. Hoppas du fick sol idag – här snöar det igen! 😦 Ja, sankmarker är knepiga. Fast det är ju spännande att gå över dom nu när dom ska vara frusna, men…tydligen är dom inte riktigt det!
    Igår hade vi dock ett hyfsat – och framförallt milt – väder så vi försökte ta ett par prommisar, men det är så mycket snö överallt att det inte är riktigt kul. Det går knappt att parkera bilden mågonstans på våra favoritställen i skogen. Santos han får hoppaar och skutta och försöka hålla sig ovanför så gott det går. Efter att ha halkat och slagit sönder höger ben förra söndagen, så håller jag mig istället helst inne. Jag tror faktiskt att jag går i ide nu och väntar på våren! 🙂 🙂

    • Tjänare Susie!
      Ja till slut kom allt solen och dagen har varit fantastisk! Här är mossen frusen och isen är tjock nog för att bära mig, men jag undvek att gå ut för långt idag för solen värmer mer än man kan tro. Här är det inga problem med att parkera någonstans som tur är.

      Hoppas benet läker fort, det är ett elände när de inte fungerar så bra som de skall!
      Våren skall ju komma tidigt säger de, så den kanske snart är här 🙂

      Ha det gott!

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