Have a nice first of Advent!


A storm should really be photographed by the ocean so one can see mighty waves, here one can see that the trees bend some 🙂

They are predicting that this storm will be as bad as the ones we had 2005 and 2007 and that’s bad. More trees fell down during a couple of days  in each storm than they cut down in a year. But it won’t be that tough here where I live, the worst will go further south. Since I also live in a slope and the forest taking the most of the wind there’s almost no wind at all in my garden. The birds are singing and they have all gathered around my feeders to eat sunflower seeds and tallow balls.



This is not a good sight. The fence that keeps the Highland cattle away from the rest of the village has fallen down and not a cattle in sight! I hope they moved them before this happened.


This house would work great in a horror movie now when we're having this weather 🙂 🙂


But we walked our usual route this morning and even if the winds are strong it isn’t worse than gale force right now. but the gusts can be really nasty and almost made me fall a couple of times 🙂 🙂 🙂 Every now and again a gust comes down to my little cottage shaking it and it sounds as if a big lorry drives on the road beside my home 🙂 It sort of rains as well, it’s more like strong drizzle to be honest, so none of my animals likes to get out more than necessary.





This might be a first of advent worth remembering 🙂 Normally I would have some Julmust and ginger breads today but I forgot to buy anything of it 🙂 Perhaps I’ll make some cookies with those spices in them just so that I have something, I also bought a tea with Yule spices in it so it will be almost as good I think 🙂


This is how the Advent candlestick looked last year. I now realize that I should have taken these photographs outside my cottage, it's never a good thing to take a photograph like this towards the light 🙂


This is how it looks this year, an improvement if I may say so myself. Thise would be a fire hazard if I would light the candles 🙂



So this will be a day with almost only indoors activities, well indoors anyway not so much activities 🙂 Nova is upstairs sleeping in my bed, Orvar and Hector on the blanket in the living room, Bertil in the sofa just next to them and Teodor in the basket by the entrance. Soon I think I’ll join Nova upstairs 🙂 But first I’ll make myself a cup of coffee and perhaps read a book.


This is a Yule postcard made from another of our most loved artists here in Sweden. Her name was Jenny Nyström and she is more or less responsible for how wee think the Yule gnome should look.

More of her and other artists will be shown here until Yule, perhaps not every day but as often as I remember it 🙂


Have a nice advent!


20 thoughts on “Have a nice first of Advent!

  1. I’m an early bird today also Olaf. Loved the pictures….my favorites are the dark-ish ones where the window lights are shining. I hope the cattle are safely inside also…I was at a craft store yesterday, and a group was in the the craft room making advent wreaths. I had one, and it must have been in a box that was lost when we moved here, a few years back, as it is missing. I need to replace it; they are lovely. Take care. Barb xxoo

    • Hi Barb!
      Most of those window lights are electric advent candlesticks 🙂 Many have one in each window, not I though 🙂
      I really hope tha cattle aren’t walking around in the neighborhood 🙂 🙂 It was enough with that young bull we had here a few weeks ago 🙂 🙂

      I don’t think I’ll make any wreatrh this year unless I can get some pine or spruce branches to dress it with.

      Have a nice advent!

  2. Innan du satt dit ljusen så skulle du bränt av veken lite grann, då hade det sett mer realistiskt ut. Men den var väldigt snyggt dekorerad i år, där håller jag verkligen med dig!
    TREVLIG BLÅSIG ADVENT hoppas nu bara att deti nte händer nått trist!

    • Tjänare Susie!
      Nu bryr jag mig inte om ifall det ser realistiskt ut 🙂 alla vet att jag aldrig tänder de ljusen och jag tycker de ser snyggare ut obrända 🙂

      Än verkar det ju vara lugnt på händelsefronten i stormen! Bara till att hålla tummarna att det fortsätter så 🙂

      Trevlig advent!

  3. Jag har precis visat Rolle bilden på traktorn. Han tyckte den var VÄLDIGT snygg, så han undrade om jag fick ladda ner den. Han, som aldrig rör en dator själv, har fått ett album i min dator som jag kallar FORDONSGREJOR och där det till 99% är bilder på traktorer. Dessutom ville han gärna veta vad det var för traktor och vilken årsmodell – det syns inte på bilden.

    • Naturligtvis får ni det! Ända gången man behöver fråga det är om man skall vidare publisera en annans bild eller tjäna pengar på den 🙂 Gillar han den så mycket blir jag bara stolt 🙂
      Skall försöka ta reda på åldern på den Men det är en BM.


  4. Förstår att inte djuren vill vara ute i detta vädret:) Här blåser det rejält nu och vinden tar i emellanåt så att huset skakar. Vi ska till Stenungsund senare på adventskaffe hos mor och far om de inte stänger Tjörnbron. Din adventsljusstake var väldigt vacker – helt i min smak:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Jag kan tänka mig att det blåser mycket värre hos er än här! Finns ju inget som stoppar upp vinden innan den träffar er.

      Vet ju inte men jag har en känsla av att bron nog stängs om det stämmer med prognoserna. Hoppas bara ni är på rätt sida om den om det händer 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Jo, jag blev väldigt nöjd med adventsstaken i år 🙂

      Ha en trevlig advent!

  5. hi christer! i love your photos today! and i love your candles with the mushrooms. how cute! it is very warm here and tomorrow i will try to get some of my outdoor decorating done. we sure had a warm november! i want snow!!! i hope they moved the cattle before the fence went down. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      To bad they don’t show how hard the wind blew 🙂 🙂

      Very warm here too for the season, over 50F today but I won’t complain 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I couldn’t see any cattle in that huge field so I think they had moved it before the fence broke down.

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi Christer,

    Happy first Advent Sunday. Your Advent candlesticks are lovely. I love the little red mushrooms in the second one. The backlighting is good as it makes some of the decorations translucent and adds another quality of light to the picture.

    Scary thought that all the cattle might be out loose in the neighborhood.

    The morning is very foggy right now. I haven’t checked the weather yet so don’t know if it is supposed to stay this way all day or not. It’s fine because I have no plans to venture forth into the world today.

    Stay snug inside your house with your friends, away from the drizzle and wind.

    • Hi Caryn!
      I think this years decorations came out better than last years in the first photograph. But now I’ll have to water it so that the strawberry plants survive 🙂

      Very warm for the season up here and I like it 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • I ventured out anyway. I thought the lake might be interesting in the fog so Rocky and I took a drive over. It was lovely and mysterious. I took about 100 shots but then deleted 2/3 of them. I have lots of shots of geese in the mist and a few swans, too. It was nice. Damp and cold, but nice.

      • Looking forward to see them on Fb later then 🙂

        I do much the same, I always delete at least 50% of my photographs.


  7. Hej!
    Det var längesedan jag var här. tyvärr. Det känns som om tiden rusar fram till jul.
    Här blåser och regnar det rejält. VIlken första advent, förra året hade vi snö.
    Vi drabbades av Gudrun inte så farligt av Per. Men det var inte alls som i Småland. Visst hade det blåst ned en del men inte så mycket att vi fick ut på försäkringen. Så nu hoppas jag att det mojnar. Vägen måste vara fri för sonen kan inte få igång motorsågen. Sambon är på data och röntgenmässa i Chicago så vi får klara oss själva.
    Din adventsljusstake för i år är jättefin. Blir pynt efter väder, kul.
    Trevlig advent!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hejsan Vittran!
      Javisst rusar tiden framåt, hoppas den gör det efter julen också så att våren snart är här 🙂

      Vinden har ändrat riktning och blivit lite starkare nu, men än ligger stugan min i lä 🙂
      Hoppas ni slipper ifrån den värsta vinden!

      Trevlig advent!

  8. Christer, Happy Season of Advent. Your Advent candle arrangement is terrific. I love all the natural elements, and the mushrooms are the perfect accent. Good luck with the storm! Very mild again here today, up to 60 degrees F. Strange! But I will take it! All your family asleep around the house sounds cozy. Who snores the loudest? Beautiful photos today, as always. I hope the cattle are safe.

    • Hi Robin!
      The most traditional way to make this is to use the lichen by the name “Cladonia stellaris”, I couldn’t find a common name for it I’m afraid. Red toadsrools are then placed in groups of three all over the candle stick. I like it that way but prefer to use other lichens and moss instead.

      Chilly and sunny here today and tomorrow as well, after that a new storm is on its way they say 🙂
      I think it is Hector that snores the loudest 🙂

      Have a great day!

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