This day will soon be over anyway :-)

This is what I got when we met those deers in the Portal.


I think there’s some kind of curse lying over my part of the world. The sun can shine all day but as soon as work stops for the day the clouds comes and it starts to deizzle 🙂 Now the wind blows as well 🙂 🙂


There it stood and watched us pass by 🙂



I went to the grocery store close to work but naturally I forgot most things I really need, like toilet paper. I must remember that tomorrow or I’ll get problems later in the day 🙂 When I came home I saw that three tiles had slipped down some so I brought the ladder and used a long stick to push them back in place again. Why don’t I ever stop in time?


Nova's new place tpo sleep at 🙂 I didn't take any more photographs today than those above but thankfully I did take some yesterday afternoon 🙂



I just wanted to do that last little thing so they were lying perfect and naturally i made two of them slide down the entire roof! But I managed to grab them before they fell down to the ground. So I had to go up on the roof to put them back properly again. Then I have to walk up on the other side where the roof ladder is placed. Push a couple of tiles upwards so I have somewhere to stand while leaning over the roof so I can place the tiles back in their place again.




I hate going up on the roof and I can’t understand how anyone ever wants to be a chimney sweeper 🙂 🙂 When I had come down on the ground again I got cramps in both thighs and that really hurst but I guess that is a natural reaction when one has panic way up there 🙂 🙂 So we walked away and when we were in the Portal I suddenly have three deers just two meters in front of me! So I slowly grabs my camera and realizes that I haven’t turned it on yet. Then I have to adjust the camera and then the deers are gone 🙂 🙂 🙂




So we continue our walk and I do feel a bit annoyed to be honest. I see one of the Highland cattles in the field just beside the road and starts to talk with it. Then I realize that it must have escaped because ther’s no fence there 🙂 🙂 So I call my neighbors and get the number to the castle manager so he can send one of the workers to catch it and bring it back to where it belongs 🙂




I still feel a bit sour in my thighs and Nova just had a bad nightmare. She howled in her sleep so I had to wake her up. She ran around the cottage to check it out and then went back to sleep. I wonder if she’ll ever forget all thoise horrible things that happened to her the first year of her life? There’s a fire in the stove and a pot of tea by my side. I’ll make a copule of sandwiches too like always 🙂


This was the first photograph I showed You yesterday. The deer is in the red circle.



This was the second one and here the deer is easier to spot because You can see more of it white behind 🙂



Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “This day will soon be over anyway :-)

    • Hi Lois!
      I’m glad her living nightmare is over I just wish she never had to experience what she has when she was a puppy. She ran around wagging her tail when she checked out the cottage when she woke up 🙂

      Have a great day!

  1. Hi Christer!

    Thanks for circling the deer…and then zooming in on the photo so that we can actually see it…so very cool! Mary loved the photo of the red barn with doors and horsehead…also very cool…at least to a 7-year old horse lover. Can you believe she’s 7….time stops for no one.

    Thank you for the wonderful bread baking tips…it was so easy…I can’t believe I haven’t done this before. I bet the clay pot does a great job keeping the bread dough moist. And what a fabulous tip on the rosemary!!! I certainly can see how it can fix a “bad” loaf…some other ideas…make crutons…use for bread pudding…add to soups to thicken. YUM! And you’re right…one does not need a loaf pan…my loaf is currently baking on my stone!

    Have a great evening…and here’s to homemade bread! CHEERS!

    • Hi Valerie!

      They can be almost impossible to see even if I only am just a couple of yards away 🙂 🙂

      I´ve baked bread since I was around 13 🙂 But I never follow any recipe to be honest, I sort of just tosses everything together and hopes for the best 🙂 🙂 There’s nothing better than rosemary in bread 🙂 and especially in home baked bread 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. Festligt! Efter att du visat bilden med den vita delen på rådjuret så såg jag äntligen var djuret var på dom andra bilderna, innan så kunde jag absolut inte se det!! 🙂
    Det där med att klättra upp på tak näre man är ensam är inte bra. Tänk om du ramlade ner och så bara låg där och stackars djuren kan ju inte hjälpa dig. Jag hoppas att du hade telefon med dig i alla fall! (Här kom höjdskräckenin direkt! 😦 )
    Nova hade tur som hamnade hos dig, men glömma helt det hon upplevt tidigare tror jag inte går. Det sitter nog kvar i minnet under hela hennes liv.
    Vår tax Brasse blev sparkad efter av en man i lång överrock och hatt när han var valp och det glömde han aldrig. Såg han en liknande person så skällde han direkt – och han var normalt enormt snäll.

    • Tjänare Susie!
      Ser man bara det vita på baken så ser man rådjuret 🙂

      Vanligtvis har jag alltid säkerhetslina på mig om jag skall upp på taket, men just idag hittade jag den inte och så började det dugga dessutom. Jag hatar att gå upp på taket!! Inte för att jag tror jag skall dö om jag faller utan för att jag inte tror det 🙂 Jag kan känna smärtan redan när jag klättrar upp för stegen 🙂 🙂

      Det stämmer nog tyvärr, att det kommer att sitta kvar i minnet på henne. Man kan nog bara hoppas att det bleknar mycket med tiden.

      Ha det gott!

  3. Well the color of the deer blends in so well with the Autumn color plus the weeds are so high there. I darn near went blind trying to find it even when I used the zoom function. So you think Nova has nightmares from puppyhood? I hope not. Maybe it was something she ate.

    • Hi Z&M!
      They truly fit in to the background now! It’s almost impossible to see them even if they are just a few yards away 🙂 🙂

      Nova is thankfully not an eater like the two brothers are. No this is most probably something she remebers from her past. Otherwise she has no things that scares her since she came to the couple that had her before me. She had a great life there.

      Have a great day!

  4. Avundas dig inte, jag skulle nog vara TVUNGEN att begära hjälp om jag var ensam för jag är fruktansvärt höjdrädd. Gillar inte ens att se någon annan på taket:) Så jag kan förstå om du fick kramp. Tur att Nova nu bor hos dig, då kan hon ju vakna ur mardrömmen och slippa VARA i den:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Jag bryr mig egentligen inte om höga höjder, har stått i Eiffeltornet och njutit av utsikten 🙂 Men jag vet att trillar jag ned från mitt tak kommer jag att känna smärtan och få lida. Skulle jag trill ned för eiffeltornet skulle jag definitivt inte känna någon smärta när jag landade 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Hon sprang omkring och killade stugan viftandes på svansen 🙂 🙂 Önskar bara att hon skulle kunna glömma alla gamla hemska minnen hon har.

      Ha det gott!

  5. poor nova! maybe eventually all the bad memories will go away. i would never have found those deer! we have another cold front coming this way so we should be into rain and winds starting tomorrow. and we are heading to maine! i would never be about to get on the roof! i can’t even stand on top of a ladder! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      I can only hope. Those deers are tricky to see even if one stands just in front of them 🙂 🙂

      I hate getting up on the roof! I just can’t understand those that likes it 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great continuing of Your trip!

    • Hi Laurie!
      Yes poor me yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I know I must up there again to fix the problem for good soon 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Hi Christer,

    Well, I was so wrong about where those deer were. 🙂 You notice that in the second photo from yesterday, there’s a deer-shaped blob in the upper left corner by the trees. It continues to be a deer-shaped blob even after extreme magnification.

    I’m not sure howling is a sign of fear or pain. A dog would whimper, yelp or growl for those. Howling is more a call to the pack.
    One night my old terrier sat up in bed, still asleep, threw back her head and howled very softly. I howled along with her and after a minute she lay back down, still asleep. I imagine she was running with dream wolves.

    Rocky and I went to the park by the lake today and got attacked by a boxer. Nobody was injured but it was a scary few minutes. I had to karate kick the stupid boxer to back it off. The woman who was taking care of the dog for the owner was very apologetic but I was too scared and angry to be very gracious. I feel a little bad about that now because she was scared too but at the time all I could do was glare at her. We had a nice walk after that, though.

    I love the picture of the red barn with the yellow sign and the first photo of the red leaves over the stream. Lovely shots.

    Enjoy your tea and sandwiches and stay off the roof. 🙂

    • Hi Caryn!
      That could actually be a deer as well because there were at least two, maybe three of them walking around there 🙂

      I used the word howling in lack of a better one I’m afraid. It was a sound of fear and pain but I didn’t klnow what to call it. I would have loved to see and hear You howl together with Your dog 🙂 🙂

      I can fully understand that You got angry when thet Bocer attacked. One should never have a dog unleashed if it isn’t ones own dog! An apologise doesn’t help much then. But I’m glad nothing worse happened!

      I thought You would like that barn photograph 🙂 That’s the reason I took it 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. The thought of someone abusing a dog makes me sick. They are so helpless..just like a child. I came back to do some catching up and was amazed to see that there was a deer in that photo. They blend so perfectly!

    Poor Nova has no choice when she is dreaming but to relive what has happened to her. She probably has some deep seated fear that will never go away. Perhaps in time it will fade. That is everyones, including dogs, defense against bad things. Poor girl.

    • Hi Mona!
      Thankfully most of us feels like You when it comes to any kind of abuse!
      Those deers are almost impossible to see sometimes 🙂 But these moved slightly so I knew they were there 🙂

      I do hope those memories at least fades away even if they never goes away totally.

      Have a great day!

  8. Poor Nova, it’s so sad to think of her having nightmares.
    I’m so glad she’s safe with you now.
    Great photo of her.
    and I like the cow one alot too!
    and how did you see those deer? I hope the hunters have poor eye-sight too.
    Careful up on that roof! If I get too high and I start to feel all wobbly!
    Take care, Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      I do feel sorry for her but those nightmares doesn’t come especially often thankfully.

      Those deers moved slightly when we passed so that’s why I couls see them. I wonder how many times we passed them without knowing they were there 🙂 🙂

      I know I must up there on the roof again but I will use a safety line while being there.

      Have a great day!

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