One of those morning You don´t want to miss.

The sun is shining, there´s no wind and I have my kitchen door open. I can hear cranes and geese from a distance and tweets from smaller birds in the trees and bushes in my garden. It is a truly fantastic morning.

Morran never paid us a visit last night but I could feel that she had been close by. The morning mist was unusual thick and it almost looked like fog but it never reached especially high in the air like fog does. I could hear thousands of cranes shouting from the other lake, that I actually lives closer to and that the bog not to long ago was a part of.

The deers are almost impossible to see.

But they reduced the hight and size of the lake rather much so now days it’s rather small, but very popular amongst especially the cranes. I´ve never been to that lake but I´ve been close to it. There´s only one small non drivable road leading to it but I almost walked to it two or is it three winters ago when I could walk on the bog without being afraid of falling in to one of the hidden deep holes since everything was frozen solid 🙂 But just think of it, the name of my blog could have been different if they hadn´t lowered that lake because the bog ends just behind my garage 🙂

I never saw the movie yesterday night, I went to bed and read a book instead 🙂 I´m to much of a morning person to sit up late at night watching a movie I´ve already seen. It has to be an extraordinary good film to make me do that 🙂

Today I´ll mow the lawn and vacuum my cottage and that is about all I´ve planned to do today. Perhaps I´ll even clean up the mess here as well but one should never over do things 🙂 🙂 🙂 The mess will stay till another day if I feel to lazy today 🙂 🙂 Perhaps I´ll make more wood chips because I have plenty of branches waiting to be chipped down. It could be rather nice standing in the sun all day doing that.

But before doing anything at all I will finish that pot of tea I just made. Its Earl Grey and today I added som slices of the sweet crab apple I normally have in my breakfast this time of year.  Can´t say I feel much difference though 🙂

I´m eating a lot of apples now. I still have some here at home and there´s a property beside the factory where I work that has five or six old apple trees that no one takes care of. The property belongs to the factory so I go there almost every day and pick some to eat during the work day 🙂

The rodeo horses.

I told the owner that I nick some aplles there almost every day and he just smiled 🙂 I also told him that I might nick some twigs so I can get better on grafting 🙂 One of his daughters would like the trees if I get successful so I wouldn´t have to think about where I should place them later 🙂                                                                                                             Have a great day!


18 thoughts on “One of those morning You don´t want to miss.

  1. Idag har du överträffat dig själv med bilderna – dom är helt fantastiskt vackra!
    Själv har jag inte varit utanför dörren – ännu – men det kommer. Vi ska ju iväg och ta en långprommis på nån trevlig strandäng. Just nu tar vi det dock lugnt – gubben min ligger och läser, Santos ligger i sin korg under kontorsbordet och sover, själv ska jag blogga lite. Har massor av bilder på den lilla krabaten som jag måste visa någonstons! *fniss*

  2. hi christer! beautiful photos as usual. we have fog here this morning too. apples in tea….that is a new one to me. it was dark when i let teddy out this morning and she went running around the yard like crazy. the bad kitty must have been out there. that is one dumb cat to continue to come into this yard. it is just a matter of time before teddy catches it. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      I thought why not 🙂 They do a lot of teas now days with fruit in it. But I think I´ll need more apples or more tasting ones because these didn’t give much to the tea 🙂

      Perhaps it is a suicidal cat just hoping that Teddy will stand there one morning 🙂 🙂 If not its a dare devil 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. Håller med föregående talare:)) Helt underbara bilder! Så mycket äpplen som du äter så måste du hålla dig frisk både i höst o vinter:)) Vi har varit och plockat svamp idag och DU MILDE vad svamp:)) Har aldrig i hela mitt liv sett så mycket svamp i skogen. Hela bordet på altanen är fullt i ett tjockt lager med trattkantareller och sedan är det säker 5 kg minst av gula kantareller, öronmussling och blek taggsvamp så vi lär ha att göra med att rensa allt detta:)) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Antingen det eller så ger magen upp, jösses såmycket gaser jag får av dem ibland 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Det är ett riktigt svampår i år! Men ingen av kantarellerna trivs i detta området. Tror jag hittatv tre stycken gula kantareller under de elva åren jag bott här men ingen av de andra 🙂 🙂 Förra året hittade jag dock fyra taggsvampar 🙂 🙂 Öronmussling har jag aldrig plockat, är den god?

      Ha det gott!

  4. Oh, so many pretty pix. Love foggy mornings, as long as they leave by ten a.m. It’s nice to have a source of apples and that the owner doesn’t mind. My apple tree finally thickened in the trunk, this year, so it looks as though there’ll be a crop next year. I hope the grafting works for you. Then you can tell me how to do it so I can enlarge my orchard. Have a great day and hope you get a hill of chips done. Thanks for the compliment on my video.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      I love foggy days as long as they comes during the weekend 🙂 Working days I just hate them, it is impossible to see where to drive on the way to work 🙂 🙂

      I´m not especially good at grafting so this would be a perfect opportunity to get better at it. I know how to do it in theory but sort of fails when it comes to do it in real life 🙂 🙂

      Didn´t get any ghips done today but I planted my little roses and an iris instead 🙂
      It is a great video and if people doesn´t understand how to do that after seeing it they must be stupid 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  5. Hi Christer, your photos today look mystical and dramatic. Love those kind of mornings. I would love to hear all the cranes calling. Would your blog have been called the cottage IN the crane lake? Teodor’s photo shows off his beautiful markings; such a great cat pose!! Have a great weekend ignoring the mess, or chipping wood!!

    • Hi Robin!
      I had hoped the fog would be thinck in the forest as well, I love to walk there then 🙂 But it needs the kind of fog that is thick like pea soup 🙂 🙂 I love the sounds from cranes and just imagine to walk around by the bog in fog hearing that sound!
      He is a beautiful cat that Teodor and he knows it too 🙂 🙂
      No wood chipping after all but planting of my small roses and an iris instead 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. Odd posting today but a beautiful shot of your cottage. The two horses looked joined at the hip and your T cat on the landing is asking a question, right? Isn’t her tail making a “?” or maybe the reverse of it. Cute. Enjoy your tea. I buy it sweet from the store now.

  7. Magical photos.
    Looks like a beautiful morning indeed!
    It’s cold here, 56 degrees….hope it warms just a little bit.
    Last month I’m complaining about the heat and now…….

    • Hi Cindi!
      It was a truly beautiful morning and the day was just as beautiful 🙂
      Your cold is our warm now 🙂 🙂 But I guess we always long for the thing we don´t have 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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