We all remember what we did ten years ago.

I guess this is the sunshine we were allowed to see today 🙂

No one could miss what happened ten years ago today in New York, not even here in the little village at the outskirts of the world where nothing ever happens. I was doing the last things at work before leaving for the day. The radio was on and suddenly they said that a small plane by mistake had flown in to one of the towers at World Trade Centre in New York. I did think it was strange because those towers weren´t invisible so the pilot must have been sick or perhaps died for anything like that to happen.

They had fog up on the mountain this morning.

It was when I was driving home and heard about the second plane I understood that nothing of what was happening was by mistake. After that the world changed and it wasn´t for the better. Not only a war against a country that had nothing to do with it (Irak), even though they had a dictator that was disgusting and needed to be removed, started and also a war against the personal freedom and integrity all over the world came as a result of this.

You can´t poke Your nose in Britain and Denmark without at least one security camera will catch it and all over the world they listen to our phone calls and read our messages and mails, all said to protect us from the enemy. They also save what ever they hear/ read for a long time. I´m not saying I would have decided better than those that are responsible for this, I just say I don´t like it.

I love the color on this mushroom.

So today we all hold our breaths hoping nothing will happen on this sad anniversary. Rumors are flying over the internet faster than the speed of light. Nothing much will happen here in the village at the outskirts of the world though. The rain is pouring down and not even my dogs wants to stick their noses outside the door 🙂

The most exiting thing happening here today is that I´ll make pancakes 🙂 I´m a bit sensitive against lactose so today I´ll use soy milk instead. No change in taste  but actually easier to flip around since they sort of gets hard while frying them but soft as soon as they cool down.

But I don´t like to use soy products since they cut down a lot of rain forest to get the land to grow the soy beans. I prefer to be a bit wobbly in the stomach than being responsible for rainforest loss.

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “We all remember what we did ten years ago.

  1. Great mushroom photos, flower photos and talk of rain and pancakes! I like to think about everyday things on this date, rather than looking at all the photos of that day. Those images are burned into our brains forever.

    • Hi Robin!
      Thank You 🙂
      It is hard not to see anyof those photographs from that day since they show them all over now. They even send tv all day from ground zero in our biggest channel. But I thought I had to write something about it since it after all changed the way how we lived in most parts of the world.

      Have a great day!

  2. Jag kommer också exakt ihåg vad jag gjorde då för 10 år sedan, jag satte precis på radion i köket när jag skulle göra mat och hörde en upphetsad amerikansk reporter tala om att det brann efter att ett plan troligen av misstag flugit in i ett av tornen och att han helt plötsligt skrek att nu kommer det ett till!!!! Fy vad overkligt och fruktansvärt hemskt det var/är. Hoppas att vi kan slippa sådana här saker i framtiden men tyvärr lär det väl bli tvärt om:( Ha det gott/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Tyvärr har du nog rätt, vi kommer aldrig undan sådana här saker det såg vi ju bara vad som hände på Utöya.

      Ha det gott!

  3. Hi Christer,
    I was at work, in a federal government building. I went down to the cafeteria for morning break and stopped at the television that was outside the caf door. I saw the flames and then I saw the second plane go in but it was so unbelievable that I thought it was a trailer for a movie. It wasn’t. My group leader ran out of the building because the flight number that they gave for the first plane was the one her brother regularly piloted. Right after that security guards came around to tell us that we had to evacuate the building and go home. I went home and watched the television coverage for the rest of the day.
    I live near Boston and remember how quiet it was because no planes were flying. Now and then there was the scream of military jets going over but not the regular background noise of passenger planes.
    My agency had offices in the towers and a man from my office was there that day. My group leader’s brother was killed by the terrorists when they took over the plane. The man from my office was rescued but was very badly injured. For a little while he improved and it look like he might survive but he died two months to the day after the attack.
    I do remember but I’m still not sure I want to.

    • Hi Caryn!
      It was terrible what happened and I do understand that You not want to remember anything of it. But at the same time I do think it is important that we do. We will always have fanatics around us that tries to force their ideas upon us others. Just think about what happened at Utöya in Norway. I can´t even imagine how You so close to this felt that day, it isn´t the same thing when one lives on the other side of the ocean even if we too think it is terrible.


  4. I read where a NY Professor of Math said that odds would be better that lightening strike the world tower building seventeen times in one day than a plane hit it again in a hundred years. Not sure what the math is but I know I won’t be around to see it if he’s right. There’s something about remembering this day that, in my mind, only compliments the would be terrorists out there. I would put it on the shelf and maybe just announce it on the news as a day when the Arab world lost their minds. Love the photos today!

    • Hi Z&M!
      I read that too, but I still wonder how he came up with those numbers. I mean how often do they fly in to buildings on purpose 🙂

      I do hope the Arab spring, as we call it over here, with all those revolutions stops these fanatics to do these horrible things.

      Have a great day!

      • I wouldn’t bank money on that. Generally, what happens is the extremists slide into the vacuum while masquerading as freedom fighters. But they only mean freedom for their little group at the expense of everyone else. Call me cynical but it’s happened too many times in history.

      • I do hope You´re wrong even though I do know the risk this will happen is big. This time however it acy´tually looks as if they are trying to keep those elements away as good as they can.

  5. hi christer! my husband was on a conference call with people in the twin towers when the plane hit. he heard screams and the phone went dead. it was awful!

  6. Hi Christer! I’ve been away for awhile, dealing with a mishap between two of my dogs..one is still in the hospital two weeks later. It has been hard (and very expensive!) to deal with. You love them all and have to understand when they do what dogs do naturally. It was a new dog we are fostering who was trying to find her way and she injured my basset. So it goes. There is still enough love for all.
    Facebook has been on fire this last week with all the videos about 911 and asking for the truth. It has been hectic between worrying about the dogs and then actually wondering if there is something evil afoot and I think there is!
    So, I thank you even more for providing a space on your blog, with your pictures for those of us who need some peace to go to… I actually can feel myself going calmer as I wander through your photos and watch the seasons change, and listen to the crunch of grass and gravel and hear you calling to the dogs. And I sure wish I had some of the bread I used to get when I lived in Germany. Take care and know that your work is appreciated.

    • Hi Sandy!
      I do hope everything will turn out for the best! I have had big fights with other dogs some years ago but nothing worse than bleeding and wounded self esteem thankfully!

      Nothing like that on Fb on this side of the ocean, it has actually been rather calm to be honest. Some conspiracy believers has posted a few videos but that’s all.

      I´m glad You like it here 🙂 Usually absolutely nothing happens here and that´s why I moved to a place like this 🙂 My old home town has become hard and violent and nothing one longs to move back to 🙂

      Have a great day and I hope it will work out well with Your dogs!

  7. I remember that I had the day off and had just dropped one of my dogs off at the groomers. I heard on the radio about the first plane and then I arrived home and turned on the TV and watched and listened as Matt Lauer on the Today show was talking about the second plane.
    It was surreal. I kept thinking that it was all a horrible mistake………….
    I agree with so many of the others. I’d rather come here and lose myself on a walk with your dogs.
    I know that evil is out there. I think it is lurking around more than most people realize. In places and people we are told to believe and trust.
    I don’t like having big brother listening and watching me either.
    Luckily, I live what they would think a dull and boring existence . Fine by me! Me and my critters!
    🙂 – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      This was so much more trhan anyone even could imagine they could do so I guess these memories will follow us till we die. The tv was on almost all night and at work the we had the radio on all day.

      Thankfully nothing much happens here 🙂 but one never knows. There are some tension between some neighbors here (not my part of the village though) and once one shot his neighbors cat just to see a couple of hours later that he shot the wrong one. They still don´t talk and that happened before I moved here over eleven years ago 🙂

      Have a great day!

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