Visiting the vet again.

All lying photographs will get bigger and hopefully better if You click on them.

It was so cold yesterday evening that I thought the night would bring the first frost. I sort of felt it in the air, but rain came instead with warmer winds thankfully. It is way to early to have frost this south, that normally happens around the first week in September. But we have already been close to it once so I wouldn´t get surprised if we got it soon.

I didn´t take especially many photographs this morning so if You see any with sunshine in them they are older 🙂

They stood so far away that it wasn´t possible to get a good photograph of them.

Monkshood behind my wood shed.

I didn´t have any fire wood indoors and I didn´t want to go out into the cold to get some, so I started to bake a rye bread instead 🙂 I normally never do that in the electric owen but it turned out really good, so here I sit with a pot of tea and two thick sandwiches with blue cheese, ham, liver pate, normal cheese and paprika. I must say it tastes delicious 🙂

One can hardly see the creek beneath all the vegetation now 🙂

Today Nova and I´ll go to the vet again. She has problems with her left ear again. She had that already when she got here and we went to the vet and she got ok again. But every now and again the problem has returned but it has always been good after I have cleaned it out with the soap, oil, rosemary and water mixture I do. Weeks has passed without any problems, but now the problem returns after only two days. I called this morning and can come already today at 1 pm 🙂

The norwegian murderer seems to especially hate Sweden and most of all the former leader of our labor party Mona Sahlin. He mention her name several times in his 1500 pages long manifest (which by the way is copied to big parts from the Una bombers manifest). She is one of the prominent persons for a multi cultural society and has been hated by right wing people since long. The only answer to this from her is: That makes me proud! That only shows how right I am 🙂

Holes like this, once made by the wheel on a forest machine, is the best mosquito farm there is 🙂

But he hates Sweden in general too. Sweden is in all studies the most equal (between sexes) country in the world (well far from really equal but more so than other countries) and that is something he hates, women should stay at home giving birth to children according to him. More and more heartbreaking stories is now heard from those surviving the massacre on the island.

I have had a web by this window in my cellar for years. I´ve never seen a single insect down there so I wonder what else it might eat.

One 21 year old man had been shot in the shoulder and looked in to the eyes of the murderer just waiting to be killed when an eleven year old boy came. The boy looked at the murderer and said: Don´t shoot at him, You have shot enough now. You have killed my father. I´m to young to die. So please don´t shoot, let us be. For some reason no one ever will know he reached the murderer that turned away. Both the eleven year old and twenty one year old survived.

My Clivia is flowering in the livingroom again.

The coming photographs are from April this year.

It´s easy to call this man a monster, but please don´t dehumanize him. He is a human like all of us! By saying he is a monster we forget that there are plenty of his kind all over the world just waiting for the right opportunity. For most that opportunity never comes but for some it does. They are just plain dirty evil people, nothing else.

The yellow building to the right is Dagsnäs castle.

Well it is time to make another sandwich and prepare for the visit to the vet. Nova won´t be happy that I can say 🙂 I can happily report that the fly population now rapidly is decreasing 🙂 🙂 Still we probably have more around than You´ve ever seen 🙂 🙂 But yesterday and this morning I didn´t feel the need to wear my mosquito hat 🙂                       Have a great day!


21 thoughts on “Visiting the vet again.

  1. …stackars Nova måste vara jobbigt för henne att ha den där öronåkomman – för jag antar att det kliar!?
    Jag hoppas verkligen inte att det blir någon frost den här veckan när vi ska till fastlandet på vår “minisemester”! 😦 Visserligen vill jag inte att det ska var 28-30 grader varmt, vilket det var ett år. Vi hade en väldigt jobbig semester för när vi kom till västra sidan av Sverige och havet och tänkte bada så var det BÅDE alger OCH maneter, brännmaneter! Vi satt för det mesta i bilen (med AC) och så låg vi på hotellrummen och flämtade. Penny tyckte det var enormt jobbigt, hon var ju redan då ganska gammal.
    Men alla såna här funderingar känns inte så viktiga just nu efter vad som hänt i Oslo. Man får sig en riktig tankeställare och det gräsliga våldet gör att man undrar vad som rör sig i huvudet hos vissa. Det otäcka är ju att det vimlar av underliga figurer med fruktansvärda idéer och det går inte att se utanpå. Men en sak är säker, människan är det mest avskyvärda sadistiska odjuret av alla. Tacka vet jag djur……

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Jo det kliar rejält när det sätter igång och då kliar hon ju sönder örat dessutom så det kliar än mer. Men det brukar sluta direkt efter det att jag skjöljt ur örat, men inte längre är jag rädd. Dessutom har hon mämngder mygg och hästflugebett på öronen och de kliar ju också.

      Tror att risken för frost minskat betydligt i och med regnfronterna som kommer in.

      Ja brännmaneter är verkligen ett saltvattens gissel, alger där har jag själv aldrig upplevt för det har ju kommit igång efter det att jag flyttade från kusten.

      Tänk om man ändå hade kunnat se på folk om de var onda eller inte 🙂 Det finns tyvärr en hel del som sympatiserar med denna galningen häör i Skaraborg Man kan bara hoppas att de möter på ett stort motstånd nu efter att detta har hänt.

      Ha det gott på minisemestern!

  2. Hi Christer,
    Have you ever noticed how extremists of whatever persuasion are all pretty much in agreement that women should stay home and have babies? They really are afraid of us.
    Hooray for Mona Sahlin! I have no idea who she is but if that guy hates her, she’s number 1 in my book.
    The spider is obviously finding plenty to eat since she seems to be quite prosperous in that space. I think I see some eggs in there and those dark spots could be insects remains. I’ve never heard of a vegetarian spider. 🙂
    Love the little fluted mushrooms. Not sure I would want to get that close to that many wasps at the same time, though. Good shot.
    Hope Nova does well at the vet’s. Enjoy the rest of the day!

    • Hi Caryn!
      Yes they are all very much alike in that and many other perspectives as well. It doesn´t matter if it is right wing nutters or taliban´s 🙂

      he was the former leader in our labor party and unfortunately many men of power in that party are afraid of strong women too and they did what they could to discredit her (well she had done some stupid thing in her younger days but who hasn´t? ) But she was a great leader in that party until she resigned from the post. She is pro multi culture, homosexuality and women’s right. All those things extremists and others are afraid of.

      Yes there are eggs too but what do they eat 🙂 🙂

      Nova is doing fine and is a master of looking miserable when given medicine 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  3. hi christer! i hope things go well for you and nova at the vet today. you are probably there right bow as i type this. i am dreading wednesday and teddy’s operation. that ten year old sure was a brave little boy. i heard about him on this mornings news. i sure wish i had your weather. we walked out to the garden this morning and it felt like i was walking into a wave of water. at 5:00am it was already 80 degrees with 85% humidity. i am sick of this! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      We´ve just come home from the vet and I´ve just given her the medicines she must take for ten days. I´ll tell You all about it tomorrow.

      So the operation is on wednesday! I´ll send positive thoughts to You!

      He was truly brave and I wonder what it was that made him reach that murderer? They say that the murderer once was a kid that looked after bullied kids and helped them, he was already then a big and strong kid. But somewhere sometime something went very wrong and now he´s a mass murderer.

      I have to say I rather have this weather (with less rain though) than the weather You´re having right now! 80 degrees already at five isn´t good!

      Have a great day despite the heat and humidity!

  4. I enjoyed the photos very much,, I love the sound of cranes flying over.We had a lot of sand hill cranes when we lived on the lake,, the sound of them when they flew over our house was hauntingly beautiful.I like very much your explanation of monster verses evil..I agree he is just a man,, a very bad man.

    • Hi Laurie!
      The first sounds of cranes is fantastic. I would like to say they bring spring with them but normally some comes way to early and winter usually comes back before the big numbers of cranes arrives 🙂

      Yes he is just a man and an evil one too. It´s to easy to de humanize them.

      Have a great day!

  5. I’m just saying if these crazy people want their 15 minutes of fame, they should pay for it with their lives. Once they know that then few will enter the deadly arena of shooting innocent people. That leaves out the fired employee who with some legitamacy goes nuts and kills his fellow workers. The only defense is the insanity defense, the killer in Norway is NOT insane.

    That cat photo is showing a rather over fed feline. Am I right? Sorry to read Nova has more ear infection. Must be a bug somewhere in Sweden that likes her.

    • Hi Z&M!
      I do understand what You mean but even if they have to pay for what they have done with their lives, none of their victims would come back to life anyway. As it is now he will probably pay for this for the rest of his miserable life. First all years in prison where the other convicts will make him pay for what he has done and when he finally gets released people outside will make sure to continue doing the same to make sure he´s going to pay for what he has done. Death is a too cheap way for people like him.

      No that´s Bertil and he still doesn´t weigh more than five pounds 🙂 🙂 He is a tiny cat 🙂

      Have a great day!

  6. christer, it was interesting to me that when I heard about the terrible news in Norway, my first thought was to run to the peace and reality of your blog. that’s how influential you are to some of your readers. it’s peaceful and safe where you are or at least it seemed to be as we read all weekend of the horror. too many times in the US we have had to bear this sort of thing. it hurts everyone and you are right to remind us that he is not a monster but an evil human being. On a different note, would you mind telling me the ingredients and measurements of the wash you make from rosemary,oil etc? My dogs are constantly dealing with ear problems and I think the rosemary sounds like a good idea. Thanks for being there and thanks for doing your blog.

    • Hi Sandy!
      This is a truly peaceful place 🙂 But most of Sweden is like this actually, most people lives in towns and villages so we who doesn´t have lots of space to ourselves 🙂 Nothing much happens in places like this with a few exceptions of course.

      Yes people like this are just humans, but evil ones. It´s so easy to distance ourselves from people like this just to call them monsters.

      I use a big coffee mug and I drop one or two drops with some kind of oil, like olive oil, two or three drops of a mild soap and perhaps a teaspoon with rosemary. I then fill the mug with boiling water. When it is cool enough I fill the dogs ear with this mixture (naturally no rosemary pieces is allowed to get in to the ear, just the fluid) and massages the ear for a minute or so. Let the dog shake its head so that all of it flies out. Then I fill the ear once again but no massage this time and lets the dogs shake it all out. The last time is just so that anything still in the ear gets out. I hope You understand what I mean 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • Christer, this sounds like a great recipe. I’ll be trying it tomorrow. Have a good night!

  7. I just can’t believe the evil in some people’s hearts. I agree, why do they always hate women so much. Didn’t they have Mothers? Who were the women that raised them? I just wonder about that.
    How can they not have any compassion or empathy for someone else. I’m not very “religious” but I believe that some day they will pay for this evilness…..

    My Blue had chronic ear problems and finally I had them treated with a new medication that we got in at the vet clinic (I don’t know the official name but I could find it out if you need it) but anyway it’s this “waxy” kind of substance that is syringed deep into the ear and stays there. You are not allowed to wash the ears for at least 2 weeks. Sometimes you will noticed a light yellow color that has drained out onto his coat but….HE’S DOING GREAT now! I hope Nova treatment works well for her but let me know if you would like me to get the name of that stuff!
    Take care, Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      It is strange that they all seems to think women are supposed to stay at home and give birth to children. But I don´t think that actually means they hate them though.
      Psychopaths like this has no compassion or empathy for any one else but themselves, they are purely narcissistic. But if anything goes wrong when it comes to them they do feel sorry for themselves.

      I do hope this ear problem doesn´t get chronic. But I´ll keep that in mind just in case!

      Have a great day!

  8. I agree. Do not give the shooter any reasons to dehumanize him. Evil is as much a part of mankind as goodness and we have to learn to accept that. He will be punished by the others in jail. Loved the variety in your pictures, today! And glad Nova will be able to feel better soon.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      Oh yes he will be. So to protect him I think isolation will be a big part of his future prison time.
      It´s so easy to say he´s a monster and believe that no human ever can do things like this. But this man wants to be remembered so I´ll never use his name in my life. I will always call him the mass murderer, nothing else!

      The vet put in the heavy stuff so I hope this will help her now.

      Have a great day!

  9. I’m saddened more than I can say about the bad things that happened in Norway! There are so many of these types around, we just have to be on guard more and more!

    Beautiful pictures once again!

    • Hi Jim!
      So true!
      I´m for democracy and therefore I think people are entitled to have their opinions, but we must keep an eye open, so those that doesn´t like an open society doesn´t use violence and terror to reach their goal (no matter what religion or political ideas they might have), wins.

      Have a great day!

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