Orvar is cranky and rightly so!

The photograph of this butterfly doesn´t do it justice. In the sunshine it looks like melted glowing iron.

Orvar is a bit cranky at the moment. Even though they just have gotten chewing bones made from oxhide he just looks at me. Well I´m the one to blame really. I sort of forgot to let him in yesterday evening 🙂 🙂 I let them all out before going to bed and I really thought he had followed the two others in. I did hear some scraping on the door before I went to sleep but I was so convinced it was the cats that I didn´t care to go down to open the door. They would only want to go out within a minute anyway.

A Ladybug with its dinner, aphids.

This is a solitary bee. It lives alone and place its eggs in small holes where it can find some. We have lots of those here but we have no honey bees.

So there he stood all night faithfully by the door waiting for me to open it up :-)It rained as well so he was a bit wet to be honest 🙂 🙂 I do hope he went to the patio so he at least slept under a roof 🙂 I do hope that all the treats he has gotten can help him to forget my huge mistake 🙂 🙂 He didn´t mind following us on our morning walk though, that he wouldn´t miss if so his life depended on it 🙂

I was photographing those lilies when these two turned up.

I didn´t relax that much yesterday as I had thought 🙂 Suddenly I saw those potatoes that I had placed in my kitchen window. Its still not to late to put them in to the ground but then I really need a vegetable garden 🙂 Most of the ground around my cottage is sand or sand mixed soil but there are some streaks of clay as well. That´s the way it is when ice a long time ago slowly withdrew to the north and later on this was an ocean bottom. ASand is great for potatoes but dries out to fast for other vegetables and clay is good for most vegetables but not for potatoes 🙂

This is one of the potatoes I put down in to the ground yesterday. It´s called Blue Kongo and stays blue after cooking.

I normally cut one potato in to several parts. The smaller potato You put in to the ground the bigger potatoes You get, but fewer than if You did the other way round.

But this is really all You need to put down to be honest. This one is 1/3 inch wide/high/long.

This is all I dug yesterday because of the flies eating me but it´s enough for this summer. You can see the gooseberry bush at the left upper corner. It has grown in a pot and almost died for over a year know but it´ll soon be big like all other gooseberry plants.

But I knew where to dog so I could get the best mix. The horse flies had a party on me so I just dug enough for my potatoes and for a gooseberry plant I´ve taken from the forest. It´s wild gooseberries so they are slightly smaller than the ones we buy, but I´ve never seen this one (or the ones around it out in the forest) getting mildew, something that can be a plague on gooseberries otherwise.

This is how I do with fuchsia cuttings. I had plenty to choose from but this is enough for two pots. I also used one long stem so I can make a tree from that.

This is all You need from a stem for each cutting. Make sure to cut just beneath a pair of leafs in the bottom and the same on the top. Gently pull off the leafs in the bottom because that´s where the new roots will grow. If the leafs in the top is to big cut them in half.

I usually put three cuttings in each pot so it becomes more like a bush faster.

Unless I want to make it tree shaped. All twigs that grows out from that stem then must be removed, always. As soon as it has roots it´s time to trim the top. Let it grow some and then cut of the top so it starts growing more branches. If You start early in the year You´ll have an almost tree in the end of the season 🙂 I´ve never let these stay outdoors before but I guess that won´t do anything, just place it as cool as possible. I also put some cuttings directly in to the ground, perhaps I´ll have some fuchsias there in autumn as well but I think that place is a bit to sunny.

As soon as I was finished with putting the potatoes in the ground magpies came and picked them up again 🙂 🙂 🙂 They didn´t stop until I had watered the bed 🙂 🙂 This little area will grow rather much already this autumn because next year I´ll grow lots of vegetables. Most seeds I bought this year will work just as good next year. By the way, do You know that cucumber seeds germinate best if they are at least three years old? An old garderner told me that and I know it is true.

A bit cloudy and misty here this morning but the weather has changed towards more sunny.

After being bitten by all those horseflies I really didn´t want them in the cottage but I was to late. I had to kill five of them on the upper floor and I don´t know how many downstairs. I fed my new plant with some of them 🙂 So The first thing I did after killing those flies was to put up the mosquito net by the kitchen door. It´s so nice to know that they will have big troubles getting in now 🙂 After I´ve killed most mosquitoes and other flies as well I don´t think a single one has entered my home 🙂

I think these might be old and young Bean geese.

I drove to the grocery store in Gudhem this morning to get some fruit and some dinner as well. They had some small pots with chives and no vegetable garden is complete if there isn´t any chives in them 🙂 I also bought a box with strawberries. There were some bad ones in it but then I thought why not sow some strawberries as well? So for quite some time I have picked as many of those seeds that I could from almost rotten strawberries 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now they are soaking in water so I can get rid of all residues of strawberry on them and later on sow them.

I took some photographs up on the mountain. Down there somewhere I live 🙂

I think it is close to that light green field You can see behind that farm.

The lake.

One never knows what those strawberries will be like because since it is hybrids any old background can turn up in them. But they will most likely become as big as those I bought today. I also drove around and took some photographs of the surroundings by the lake and the view from the mountain.

Scottish Highland cattle.

My water lily did open up yesterday and it is reddish anyway 🙂

Well it is time for a pot of tea and a couple of sandwiches. It´s over seven hours since I ate breakfast (today I slept until 4:30 am 🙂 🙂 🙂  ) and I do feel a bit hungry 🙂                       Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Orvar is cranky and rightly so!

  1. Goodness, what a fine selection of pictures, today. It is very difficult picking out my favorite one but I think I like the two cats, together. Or, is it the ladybug? No, I like the deer. Oh, goodness; I can’t choose. Too much beauty.
    I’m so sorry about Orvar and hope you will not forget to let him inside, tonight. 🙂 I always feel so guilty when I do something like that; but, I think he will forgive you. 🙂 Why don’t you mix some of your sandy soil in with your clay soil? Wouldn’t that create a better vegetable garden? Or, create a good loam by making a lasagna garden? It would a lot easier than all that digging and being bothered with the flies.
    Enjoy your dinner and tea — and, don’t forget Orvar! 😎

    • Hi Sharlene!
      I think my favorite today is the one with the church up on the mountain (together with the photographs of the Highland cattle). Or the one with the grass straws.

      Poor Orvar 🙂 But it seems he has forgiven me now 🙂

      Sandy soil and clay makes cement so that´s a bad idea. The absolutely best would be to have clay mixed with lots of compost! There´s no better soil than that! But no matter what choice I would have done it had included a lot of digging 🙂 🙂 🙂 It´s really to late to sow anything for except spinach and lettuce by now, well it´s to hot for lettuce to be honest, that I can sow in early August when it most probably will be cooler again. I don´t have enough for a lasagna garden I´m afraid.

      I promise I won´t forget him tonight again 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  2. I been reading and catching up on all your past posts, I took a few days off from blogs and the internet and everything . I just couldn’t think of anything to blog about and I couldn’t even clear my head to write comments. I had to take a day off of work because I was so upset about my Little Bug passing. It wasn’t just grief, it was alot of guilt too. She wasn’t a cuddler and always did her own thing so I didn’t notice that she needed help until it was too late. But I should have noticed……….
    So, I have been keeping busy cleaning house and sorting and throwing things away.
    MY gooseneck flowers seem to be attracting FLIES! Is that possible? Or maybe I’m imagining it. I got really bitten up while watering the other day. There seems to be bugs everywhere this year! I found FLEAS on Ralphie and now he’s given them to most everyone else. I have ‘treated” my yard and I’m not going to take the dogs to work anymore. Maybe that’s where he got them!
    I am also “fogging” the house today. It’s ALWAYS something. So…….
    I LOVE the photo of Teodor and Bertil walking together. After things settle down around here I plan on starting to paint again. Would it be OK to paint your cats?
    I love coming here and seeing your world, so different from mine! Such a nice escape!
    That past post referring to Nazis scares me. there is so much evil in this world! Even in your peaceful part of the world. I’m glad to know that there are KIND people like you who take a moment and chat with someone who needs some to talk to them and treat them like a human being.
    Oops! What a long comment I’m leaving! Sorry. Guess it’s all flooding out now! Ha! Ha! Lucky you!
    One last thing. I had a Newfie/Lab mix years ago and in a rush to get to work, I forgot him in the backyard. When I got home that evening he had a light coating of snow on top of him. I felt SO bad! and HE got the best dinner of his LIFE that night. 😀
    Take care, Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      I begin with telling You that I´ve deleted Your mail address here on the blog, I always does that because it´s a great way to get spam mails filled with viruses 🙂 But I have saved it in my computer.

      It is tough to loose a friend like that and cats are especially good at concealing that they need help! So don´t feel guilty about that.

      I´ll soon take a weeks vacation from blogging too, I always do one week every vacation 🙂 I think it is a sign of health to be able to leave this net world of ours 🙂 🙂

      Yes we have those nasty nazis too. We have never dealt with how we behaved during WW2 and how Nazi friendly we really were back then. I´m ashamed to say this but Sweden was the first country in the world that had a racial biological centre! We did look upon ourselves as several step closer to God.

      Orvar would have loved being outside a snowy day like Your dog did 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think that I´m forgiven now anyway 🙂 🙂

      I´ll mail to You right now!
      Have a great day!

      Oh I forgot!
      Some flowers does attract flies I´m afraid. They really only attract flies that lives on nectar, but unfortunate some flies drinks both nectar and blood like the female horseflies for instance. The males only drinks nectar though just like male mosquitos.


  3. hi christer! my husband left our old chow freddy out one time and i almost killed him! i am glad orvar forgave you! i lOVE that pic of the kitties. they look like they are on a mission. how big is the crane lake? gorgeous photos today! you sure live in a beautiful area. can you grow winter crops like brussel sprouts and cabbage? it is awfully hot here still. joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      I did feel very guilty when I realized that I had locked him out last night 🙂 But he is a kind giant so now all is forgiven and forgotten 🙂 But I think he would prefer to be locked out during winter instead, no risk of getting bitten by mosquitos then 🙂

      I think the lake is a couple of kilometers long, that would perhaps be 2 miles. But it isn´t deeper than 2 meters (the same in yards). So most of it can´t be seen because of all vegetation. They have lowered the lake several times but in the last twenty years they have made it deeper again and I think they plan to make it as big and deep as it ever was (three meters deep 🙂 🙂 🙂 ).

      If we would get a mild winter I most probably could grow winter crops but not normally. This cold hole is way to cold I´m afraid.
      It´s really nice here and will stay that way they say 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. Pets are certainly more forgiving than most people!

    Very beautiful countryside pictures today! I do like the old church in the background!

    You have a great day, my friend!

    • Hi Jim!
      Yes thankfully for me they are 🙂 I´m not sure I would have forgiven that fast 🙂 🙂

      It is very beautiful here and the most part is covered by forest or bogs. That is my favorite photo today as well!

      Have a great day my friend!

  5. Excellent post today, for sure. Sorry Orvar was stuck out in the rain. We have to take a head count here before bedtime because Zoey will sleep in an open closet and go unnoticed. Once the closet door is closed she’s been known to sleep there all night. So it’s a ritual now that all doors closed and Zoey is in the bedroom with us. I really like your advice on planting and pruning. I am impressed too that you can make time for doing those gardening chores. Work and Grandkids take up most of my time and when I have free time I usually nap or take long walks around the lake. My garden is sparse with just Tomatoes and Cabbage. Too vegies I can’t live without. And the photos today are really inspiring. I stole the cat photos.

    • Hi Z&M!
      Yes poor Orvar but I do hope he went under the roof at the patio so he didn´t stand there by the door all night 🙂 🙂

      I really thought he already was indoors and I should have realized that not even Teodor can make that much noise by scratching the door 🙂

      We usually can take the time wee need for things we like to do 🙂 and especially now during summer when it´s light 18 hours a day 🙂
      I wouldn´t want to be without tomatoes but cabbage is always somewhat destroyed by the larvae´s of the cabbage butterfly so those I can live without 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Joyce!
      I could at least comment on Your blog after several tries, but some is just impossible today! Hope things get better soon!

  6. Hi Christer,
    Wow. Lots of great photos today. The water lily looks blue and red on my monitor. Lovely. Scottish Highland Cattle are my favorites. They look so prehistoric and wild. Teodor and Bertil strolling through the garden is a great one, too. Possibly my favorite is the grass photo.
    Glad Orvar has forgiven you. He’s a big guy and can probably handle himself against anything that might come along in the night. We have to be careful about leaving pets outside because there are several things that would eat them given half a chance. Raccoons, foxes, coyotes. They caught a cougar south of us. Over the years several people have reported seeing them but the state officials always said it was mistaken identity. There were no cougars in the Northeast area. Okay. The big tawny beast with cougarish characteristics was really just some squirrels having fun. 🙂
    The blue potatoes don’t look very appetizing. Hope they taste better than they look. 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • Hi Caryn!
      I do like the one with the church in the background, the one that is placed together with the highland cattle photographs, but the grass one is also one that I really like.

      We don´t have any animals here at the moment that could be dangerous to a big dog like Orvar, but we had a visit from a big lynx male last week that could have been dangerous to him. But why do they always try the mistaken identity thing 🙂 🙂 🙂 I mean a cougar isn´t that easy to not recognize 🙂 🙂

      Those potatoes are actually quite tasty but there´s one problem with them. It´s impossible to see if it is something wrong with them, it isn´t until one eats it that one knows if it is bad 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

  7. Favorite photo today is the one of the two feline friends, of course. They both look sweet. Great gardening tips and photos; I do admit that the blue potato looks a bit alien to me! I am always double checking that my girls are in the house before bedtime, as I’m fearful they will get left outside all night. I just have the two dogs though. You are going to have to do a roll call every night from now, poor poor Orvar.

    • Hi Robin!
      I do like those blue potatoes 🙂 But there are also deep red ones and bright yellow ones that I´m trying to find for next year 🙂 I know of one man that sowed potato seeds and he got a pitch black one (and it was huge too). He said it did taste quite good but the color sort of made him a bit worried 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Still this is few dogs and cats for me 🙂 🙂 But I have decided that I´ll never again have more than four dogs and two cats at the same time 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

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