Sorry thunderstorms outside my cottage!

The lightning has already gone through my old telephone four times! Some flashes hit the ground just a couple of yards outside my cottage. It´s calm at the moment but I can hear more of it coming. This weather will continue for a while they say but I´ll try to post on thursday as usual, then some will be about making Your own fertilizers.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “Sorry thunderstorms outside my cottage!

    • Hi Adriana!
      I think it´s the same weather front we´re having. Cool on one side and hot on the other.

      I´m glad as long as the lightning doesn´t burn down my home 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day!

    • Hi Jim!
      I don´t think I´ve ever seen that much rain as I saw yesterday!

      I´ll stay close to the front door with all my animals just in case it would hit my cottage. It was really nasty yesterday!

      Have a great day!

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Vill ni ha det ena får ni allt ta det andra också 🙂 🙂

      Men skulle det inte komma lite regnmoln till er nu i dagarna? Här kommer det att vara lika varmt och med åska ett tag framöver nu säger de.

      Ha det gott!

  1. Be careful!
    We are having another hot day. Yesterday the temps were in the 90’s with a heat index of 107!
    This is just ridiculous, it’s not even July yet. 😦
    I’m sick of it. Today is my day off so I must get outside early and work in the garden before it gets too hot.
    I hope you and your furry family are safe and sound from the storm.
    Take care, Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      Well I can just sit close to the front door and hope that it won´t hit my cottage. Yesterdays thunder was nasty to be honest. We did reach 90 before everything broke loose 🙂 Not normal at all!
      More thunderstorms are on their way they say.

      Don´t work to hard in that heat now!

  2. Well, I wrote a long comment about our weather here..the June Gloom time of year, earthquakes, thunderstorms, a bad dream etc..and lost the entire thing. Lucky you! LOL
    Your photo’s are beautiful. I can’t even recap all I said and maybe it’s a good thing. I do tend to run on!
    Have a wonderful day, Christer!!

    • Hi Mona!
      But I do like to read those long comments from You 🙂 To bad comments just disappear like that sometimes!

      Have a great day now!

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