Vivid imagination isn´t always a good thing :-)

One day with sun and warmth and they are now twice the size from yesterday.

Nova stayed at home in the cottage today and I know that I could have brought her with me if I wanted, but she just couldn´t relax properly in the factory. Since she have gone through surgery I believe that it is important to relax as much as possible at least the week after. I had arranged so that she wouldn´t be able to reach anything that might be dangerous to her and lots of newspapers on the floor just in case she had to do something while I was gone.

Lots of the creeks here is filled with rust. The ground contains a lot of iron and much of it becomes rusty mud. Disgusting to drink even if it isn´t dangerous to do so but I like the color 🙂

But You know how a vivid imagination can start Your head thinking in the wrong ways 🙂 I had lots of things that needed to be painted by hand and then I got a lot of time thinking. Normally that´s a good thing, especially if I have a problem I need to solve. But it isn´t a good thing at all if one has a dog at home with lots of stitches on her belly 🙂 🙂 🙂 It started out rather innocent in my mind, broken collar and an infection in the wound after she cleaning it with her tongue. But in the end I saw how she had removed all stitches, blood everywhere and her guts hanging out of the wound, so I had to leave work and go home a bit early 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bertil joined us on our walk, as usual.

There isn´t much left on that big stick Nova´s chewing on 🙂

What I did meet when I came home was a very happy little dog jumping around like crazy and hitting me with her paws in my crotch 🙂 🙂 🙂 She had most probably been sleeping all day, because nothing was touched  🙂 So I think I´ll be able to keep my imagination rather calm tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well Hector did take a piece from it after all.

Orvar wanted to take Nova´s stick but didn´t dare taking it from her 🙂

The weather we should have had here during the weekend finally arrived today. The evening is sunny and warm but the wind is rather strong unfortunately. I only had a sweater on me when we walked to the cow pasture where Nova can be free from her leash and as long as I stayed out of the wind it was sooo nice 🙂

I found some flower buds on the hepatica plants I have. They are seen as endangered in many parts of the country and we aren´t even allowed to move them in the gardens to be honest 🙂

But it´s a short visit from this fantastic weather, already tomorrow it will rain some and the temperature will drop some (this is what the Norwegian weather site says, I really don´t trust the swedish ones 🙂 ) but spring has definitely arrived now even if we might get some bad weather now and again.

I saw our nesting cranes walking on the field outside my garage yesterday evening. It was unfortunately rather dark and foggy but I´ve done what I can with the photo editing program I have to make the photographs better.

There´s a fire in the stove to keep jackdaws away from the chimney and I have a pot of tea by my side, soon I´ll make myself something to eat because I´m the only one that haven´t eaten anything yet. Today I realized that two more trees has survived the winter in pots (sorry can´t remember the name at the moment, but the fruits looks like huge oranges but are inedible) and they too will become rather big eventually 🙂 🙂 Now the climate here is probably making them a lot smaller than they would be if they lived where they originally comes from, but even if they only would reach half their size they will become big 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day now!


18 thoughts on “Vivid imagination isn´t always a good thing :-)

  1. Det är totalt meningslöst att försöka att tänka i andra banor när man väl börjat att fundera så jag kan bara föreställa mig din vånda;) Tur att allt var lugnt;) Vi ska alldeles strax äta lite kokta ägg med romsås och kräftstjärtar mums:) Ha det gott/Monne

    • Hejsan Monne!
      Ja det var lika bra att åka hem 🙂 🙂 🙂 Men hon verkar ha tagit det väldigt lugnt här inne. Hon har ju hört Orvar skälla där ute (vilket han verkar göra till och från under dagen) så hon har ju fattat att de andra inte var långt bort.

      Det där lät väldigt gott!!! Hmm, jag har ett ägg hemma, det är allt 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. Skulle alldeles nyss skriva en kommentar, men då fungerade inte tangentbordet. Förmodligen glapp någonstans för när jag legat på golvet och krälat och ryckt i anslutning både där och på själva tangentbordet, då fungerar det igen. Det är kul med teknik ibland, speciellt datateknik! 😦
    Underbara bilder , både på järnet och på mossan samt på alla djuren och väldigt trevligt att höra att damen är på god väg att vara helt återställd!

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Men visst är sådant irriterande! Jag upptäckte att jag har en knapp på tangentbordet som gör att det slutar att fungera!! Varför i hela friden sätter de dit en sådan?? Enda anledningen till att jag kom på det var att en liten lampa inte längre lös när ingenting fungerade när jag skulle skriva 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Ja allt verkar gå åt rätt håll med den lilla damen 🙂 Men jag ropar inte hej förrän stygnen är tagna 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  3. I know that your group is probably all ready for the Spring weather and the sun to come for good!

    Glad to see the cranes are showing back up and the weather is getting better!

    • Hi Jim!
      I´ve been ready since last autumn 🙂 🙂 It´s so nice to finally see some daylight once again 🙂

      Yes the cranes are the final sign of spring so I´m glad to finally see them!

      Have a great day now!

  4. hi christer! those cranes are huge! glad to hear nova was a good girl and i am sure you can relax now. how are her stitches looking. does she let you check them out? we are very hot here today and storms are rolling in. tomorrow morning it will be 36 degrees again! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      Yes they are pretty big and I wouldn´t like to come close to their beaks 🙂 🙂

      The stitches looks fine but there still comes out some fluid from the wound. But there´s no inflammation anyway 🙂 She is very polite and shows the stitches without complaining at all.

      Spring temperatures do jump up and down sometimes 🙂 Hope the storm doesn´t get to big!

      Have a great day now!

  5. I thought they used dissolving stitches these days. I would still think you’d have to take little Nova back to the vet to see if everything healed properly. So are you making fun of her by calling her conehead and the like? Get those booties on her paws. That will make her feel better. Really nice photos today Christer.

    • Hi Z&M!
      It seems they can get problems with those stitches, so that´s probably why they don´t use them that often. But no, I don´t have to bring her back agin for a check up.

      I would never make fun of her, she´s ashamed enough having to wear the cone at all 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day now!

    • Hi Nancy!
      She did however make some mess today 🙂 Amongst other things she had been up on the kitchen table 🙂

      The hepatica is my favorite flower!

      Have a great day now!

  6. We had a comic, Danny Thomas, who had a whole routine about his imagination and a flat tire late at night that was hilarious! Sounds like what you did; yes? Nova probably needed the rest from having gone to the vet, then, your office and all that excitement! How much longer does she need the stitches? I know you’ll be glad when it’s all finished and life returns to normal. Enjoy your tea and the spring… Come visit when you can.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      Yes imagination can really mess up the head 🙂 🙂

      Unfortunately she didn´t seem to need that rest today, she have made some mess here but she has to stay indoors all the time. I´ll remove those stitches and the cone on wednesday eight days from now. Yes I really want everything going back to normal again 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  7. You are so right on how your imagination can sometimes get the best of you, Christer. It’s happened to me as well, although Grenville would say – happens a lot! Hope that soon Nova can get the cone removed and stiches too and then you will feel more at ease and so will she. Good to know the weather is improving – here too and the buds are great to see – full of promise for spring to come.

    • Hi Beatrice!
      Imagination is funny and scaring in that way 🙂

      I´ll remove the stitches on wednesday eight days from now, but she´s allowed to be without the collar for longer periods already on Saturday.

      It´s raining here today but its´fairly warm so I´m not complaining 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  8. LOL! I too ALWAYS imagine what the worst thing that COULD happen!
    I sometimes almost make myself sick thinking about it.
    (My sister is the opposite and never worries about a thing!)
    So, I share your misery and I’m SO GLAD that Nova was fine!
    🙂 – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      I can work up my imagination something incredible when kit comes to my dogs 🙂 🙂 But I seldom worries about anything else 🙂

      Have a great day now!

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