Tomorrow it happens.

It has been a grey and cloudy day and it started to drizzle when we started our afternoon walk, so I made it short. But it never became anything more than drizzle and now the clouds are breaking up and we might see the sun before it goes down. The temperature will fall below 0C (32F) tonight so it will be slippery roads in the morning.

The bog and forest really starts behind my garage. But since they have cut down the trees there now is a field instead where lots of deers goes during winter to get their extra food from me and my neighbors..

One of my neighbors wells. This one never dries out no matter how hot and dry the summer is, but is so full of iron that it tastes like sh.t 🙂

But I´ll drive away from here one hour later than usual, because I´ll leave little Nova at the vet before going to work. I know the “nurse” (what do You call those working at a vet station that isn´t a vet? In a way they are nurses though) I´ll be leaving Nova to so we´ll probably have a chat before I go to work. She´s fantastic and I think she knows more than any vet even if she wouldn´t admit it herself 🙂

This was once a big but shallow pond and every spring I could hear and see hundreds of frogs in it. Now days vegetation takes over and it dries out before the frogs gets there.

I´ll leave work early too so I can pick up Nova to get her home again. I agree with the clinic that she will get better much faster if she´s allowed to stay at home instead than staying at the vet clinic (and to be honest, much cheaper too 🙂 🙂 ) I´ll bring some treats with me if she´s up to it when we go home again.

I ran out of photographs so these are from other days 🙂 The stone circle on what I now call Stone Circle Hill.

I really can´t leave Nova at home on Thursday and Friday, with my luck she most probably will try to jump up on the sofa or the bed and rip open the wound and we have way to much to do at work these coming days for me to take some days of, so what to do?

The Christmas roses (Hellebores) shows flower buds now 🙂 This is the one with red spots inside it.

And this is the one with yellow flowers (that turns in to green way to fast). This one is more sensitive than the other and lots of the buds usually rots before they open up.

No problems really. Since we all live in the countryside and we all have animals everyone understands when an emergency comes. So I talked with the factory owner and asked if I possibly could bring her with me to work 🙂 We have a small office (without a door) just beside where I work, so she can stay there and watch us all work 🙂 I´m afraid little Nova will be rather spoiled while being there 🙂 🙂 🙂 It didn´t take him two seconds to answer that question 🙂 🙂

I think I might have shown this one before 🙂

The Angel wing begonia shows buds too.

Now it´s time to make some tea but I won´t use that green mulberry leaf tea I bought the other day. It tastes like hay 🙂 🙂 🙂 So I´ll go back to my normal kind, Earl Grey 🙂   I´ll make a small post tomorrow so You all will know how little Nova is and some of You may wonder why I haven´t shown up lately in Your blogs. Well I have had big problems with the internet connection these last days. Sometimes it shows I have great internet coverage and then suddenly I have none! and it sort of jumps up and down all the time. So when it does I just gives up. But I´ll be there soon if the coverage doesn´t give up again!             Have a great day now!


20 thoughts on “Tomorrow it happens.

  1. Hi,
    Glad everything is arranged for Nova has a quiet operation.
    I wish everything goes well. It is important to the operation she has no problems in the future.
    I’ll be thinking of you all the time.
    kisses to everybody

    • Hi Didi!
      Yes everything is arranged and I hope there will be no complications. But she will be with me all the time after the surgery so I can see if anything isn´t right immediately.
      Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Big hugs to Nova, she doesn’t know what she’s in for, bless her little heart. But she will do great, I know it. What are the other family members going to think about Nova going off to work with you….Bertil is going to be angrier than usual.

    • Hi Robin!
      No the poor girl has no idea and I don´t do this lightly. It is deeply rotted in us swedes that we don´t do this to dogs, but I know that this will help her getting a calmer temper and she won´t get some of the diseases she otherwise would have a risk of getting later on in life.

      To be honest, I think the boys will love having the dog year and house for themselves a couple of days and Orvar will most likely hope that she doesn´t return at all 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  3. Sådana arbetsgivare växer inte på träd:)) Jag ska hålla tummar och tår för att allt blir till det bästa och att hon snabbt återhämtar sig. Men det är säkert inga problem med en sådan omtänksam och duktig husse:) Ha det gott o krama Nova från mig/Monne

    • Hejsan Monne!
      Nä där har jag haft tur! Men han ser nog praktiskt på det också, ett litet företag får större problem om någon måste hålla sig hemma, men kan man då lösa det på annat sätt, som att ta med hunden så gör man så. Dessutom har han ju djur själv och vet att det ibland blir lite knepigt 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  4. Hi Christer,
    We call them veterinary technicians or veterinary assistants over here.
    It’s great that you can have Nova with you at work while she is recuperating. I hope she doesn’t go exploring and get painted by mistake. 🙂
    Hope everything goes smoothly and Nova is bouncing around like her normal self in very short order.
    Enjoy the day.

    • Hi Caryn!
      Thanks! I think we call them animal caretakers here.

      Since I´ve learned that the little demon is great in finding ways of running away 🙂 I´ll secure the leash so she can´t get outside of the little office 🙂 I´ll bring one of her blankets too. As long as she doesn´t get any infection she will heal fast, of that I´m sure. I hope they do as when old Erna had the cesarian, they sew up the wound from the inside in some way so the stitches couldn´t be seen at all.

      Have a great day now!

  5. hi christer…good idea to take nova to work with you! she won’t be tempted to play with the boys and she will be tired and needs to be pampered. my first chow freddy, chased a neighbors dog after being neutered and ripped out her stitches and had to be rushed back to the vet. it was awful! wishing nova all good things for the next few days! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      No playing with the boys until I remove the stitches. But even to have her alone in the cottage during the day is riskfy, she would most probably try to jump up on things and tear up the wound. So she will get spoiled at work instead 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  6. Yes, Jaz is right, they really need to be kept from too much excitement! You’re very lucky you can take her to work — doesn’t always work that way, over here. I understand your computer problems — I totally lost my blog, the other day, and it them several hours to bring it back up. Other folks didn’t have a problem accessing it, just me. Go figure. 😎 Well, enjoy your tea. I just made some very tasty juniper soda that I’ll probably keep on my do-it-again list. Hugs to Nova — and, the guys.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      The boys would most probably try to clean the wound too and remove the stitches if I had them together 🙂 So by bringing her to work I can keep an eye on her all the time the first four days. I think it won´t be a problem leaving her in the cottage on next monday though.

      It´s always annoying when our computers have problems! This time however it was the outside world that caused them. The coverage just disappeared and then came back seconds after, but then my computer had disconnected the internet!!!

      Juniper soda 🙂 I´ve never done it myself and it´s hard to find in the stores, but I do like it a lot!

      Have a great day now!

  7. I do hope all goes well for Nova tomorrow! I’m sure it will, but I’m sure she will enjoy going to work with you!

    Glad you have such an understanding boss!

    • Hi Jim!
      All went well and now we´re home again. She´s not a happy camper at the moment but I wasn´t either just a couple of hours after surgery 🙂 🙂

      He as well as most of the other of us have animals and knows things doesn´t work out as we hopes sometimes and it´s better I come to work taking my dog with me than me staying at home when we have loads to do 🙂 But He is more understanding than most to be honest 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  8. Jag antar att Nova ligger på op.bordet just nu och det ska säkert gå jättebra. Bra är det också om du sen får tid över att skriva några ord om hur dagen har avlöpt. Ska bli mycket spännande att höra hur det hela sen påverkar Novas sätt. Inte FÖR mycket, hoppas jag!

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Allt har gått väl och vi är hemma nu. Skriver snart nytt om en liten stund!

      Antingen lugnar hon ned sig just med det aggressiva eller så händer inget alls, förutom att det inte finns någon risk att hon är full med valpar efter att ha rymt iväg någon dag 🙂

      Ha det gott!

    • Hi Nancy!
      I usually don´t like begonias very much, but the angel wing and a species I have have these tiny flowers that I love.

      Have a great day!

  9. You must not worry about visiting…at least you have a great excuse where mine is just that I am finding it harder and harder to get around, do a post and keep up with every day living. Getting old I guess. 🙂 That’s ok, at least it is better than the alternative. 🙂
    I still remember when Mele had her surgery but she didn’t have to wear the collar. Those have to be so uncomfortable. Poor little Nova! I will be happy for her when she is all back to normal.
    Enjoy your Earl Gray. I have been drinking a lot of Green Tea..and it is delicious. My Mary is a tea drinker and for some reason she can make the best pot of tea ever….funny how some people just have a knack…for making tea…or perhaps it is just in my head that hers is better than mine, but I don’t think so!

    • Hi Mona!
      It is disturbing though that the connection just drops so often! From great covering to none! Well it´s not anything wrong with my computer anyway 🙂

      That collar must be uncomfortable and it sort of collects every single sound out there too 🙂 It´s like a huge hearing aide 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Green tea is good in so many ways, but as everything else to much and it´s bad. I read about a person that drank really much green tea every day (we´re talking liters now, around 1/3 of an US gallon) and that person got liver damage. Thankfully it got better when the person stopped drinking green tea for a while 🙂

      But I guess that if one is used to make tea often one becomes good in making it.

      Have a great day now!

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