Just a normal Saturday morning.

The night was really cold, -9,9C (14,2F) and still now at noon the temperature is just barley over 0C (32F). But the sun is shining and the day is wonderful despite the low temperatures. The first thing we heard this morning when we started our walk was the Black grouse´s out on the bog. It feels like it is a bit late season for them now, but the weather hasn´t been good enough for them until now of course.

We walked on the fields so that Nova could run free and get rid of all that energy that she is so full of 🙂 and I could hear the cranes by the lake, something I couldn´t when we took our next walk an hour ago. The traffic on the big road was to loud then and I guess most of the drivers were heading to the lake to see all the birds. But I did hear our nesting couple when we walked out to the bog instead.

It feels like Nova understands why she has to have a leash when walking in the forest or by the bog, because she doesn´t try to get free from the leash when the other two gets out of theirs. She actually walks very well and only pulls once or twice to get a bit further in to the forest just in case a vole or mouse has passed there 🙂

As most of You know they made the nature reserve bigger last year, which is a good thing. But forced the previous forest owner to cut down all trees before the nature reserve took over just because they want “natural” trees to grow there. By that they mean trees that is natural to the surroundings, like birch, oak, redberried elderberry bushes and trees like that and with trees like that we´ll also get loads more of ticks that loves that kind of forest.

It´s time to have a pot of tea and then I think I´ll take a little nap. I tried to take one before our latest walk but my dogs just wanted to go out instead 🙂 🙂                                     Have a great day now!



20 thoughts on “Just a normal Saturday morning.

  1. hi christer….do you use tick repellent on your dogs? you are warmer than we are. it was 8 degrees when we got up this morning. wonderful pics today as usual! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      no I don´t since Hector had a really bad reaction when I tried it once. There are a few dogs that actually got crazy when they used one of those products (it´s very rare thet it happens though) and he was afraid of everything after that for a long time. So I go through all dogs every night so I can remove any ticks they might have.

      8 degrees! Not nice but if the sun shines and there´s no wind it can be a wonderful morning anyway.

      Have a great day now!

  2. The photos are beautiful with the bright Spring light. You have many interesting spots around you…the ruins, the root cellar, bog, etc. Love it all. Good old Bertil, is he yelling about the trees being gone? Great photo of the jackdaws on the chimney!

    • Hi Robin!
      And all places is just within walking distance 🙂 I love it here even if the bog is a paradise for mosquitoes and blood sucking flies 🙂 🙂

      The first time we went there after they had cut down all trees Bertil screamed! Most of the times he stops before we get there, but if he should follow all they way he keeps on yelling. He doesn´t like it at all!

      I do hope my neighbor have put on something to stop the Jackdaws this summer 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  3. Hi Christer, It looks like a lovely day and the thought of all thos cranes makes me want to see them too. We have some here in Oregon, and we even have a Crane Lake here, but I’ve only seen one or two at a time.

    Do you have elk or moose near you? If you’ve alteady said, forgive me I missed the post about them. In Oregon we have many kinds of deer and lots of elk too, but no moose. Also bears, mountain lions, and many smaller creatures.

    Oregon is also famous (infamous?) for all the sightings of Bigfoot that we get here. I’ve never seen anything like that (it would be fun though!), but I have heard some pretty eerie sounds in the forests of Oregon that no one could identify. For what it’s worth.

    We have snakes here too, including rattlesnakes, which I used to meet up with a lot on my fathers ranch in NE Oregon when I was a child. Never got threatened or bitten though, they just ignored us.
    Now I live in Western Oregon in a big city and the wildlife I see the most are raccoons, deer, and ducks.

    We have beautiful cherry trees planted all around here so spring is truly lovely in parts of my city.
    I need to get some seeds planted for my garden but I’ve been lazy and putting it off.

    Have a great week and don’t work too hard.

    • Hi Terria!
      It has been a lovley though cold day here and there will be photographs of cranes later on. We only have around 1500 here yet 🙂

      Elks doesn´t exist on this side of the ocean but we do have moose (quite close to the cottage) and three kinds of deer. I´ve seen two kinds of snakes here vipers and something we call snok. The viper is poisonous but very few would die from a bite, wasps are more dangerous to be honest 🙂

      It would have been fun to have Bigfoot here, but living beside a big bog I see many strange things anyway 🙂

      We have wild cherries in the forest but birds takes the berries before I have a chance on reaching them.

      Have a great week too! I never work to hard 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Ja, idag har det varit kallt. Vi försökte att rensa i en av rabatterna men det var djupfryst;) så vi krattade lite och grejade med annat. Passade också på att fixa i ordning på altanen så att det är färdigt för fika så fort vädret tillåter:) Inte visste jag att det fanns orrar så här långt söderut, jag fick för mig att de bara fanns i norrland. Ha det gott/Monne

    • Hejsan Monne!
      Ja här går tjälen djupt, så jag kan lugna mig med att ens tänka på rabatterna 🙂

      Jo här finns en hel del av dem, men helt omöjliga att fotografera om man inte går ut mitt i natten, har ett gömsle och ett väldigt tålamod 🙂 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  5. Again, gorgeous photos. Seeing them is like taking a trip in an armchair – seeing sites without leaving home. In the first photo, what is the structure built into the earth, with the door? Is that a springhouse?

    • Hi Nancy!
      Thank You 🙂

      That is a root cellar. It stands on a pice of land that belongs to the one owning the big forest I walk in as often as I can, but he doesn´t live in the village so now no one uses it.

      Have a great day now!

  6. Hi Christer,
    It’s cold and windy here today. I spent it painting and having the bathroom sink installed. It didn’t get all the way installed because we broke a part and have to go to the hardware store tomorrow to get a replacement.
    I had 7 deer in my back swamp this evening. They were eating the new grass that’s coming up all around the skunk cabbage. Maybe they were eating the skunk cabbage, too. I don’t know. I got some very bad pictures because I was shooting through the pantry window which is very dirty from the winter. It was at the extreme edge of my little camera’s ability. You can tell they are deer, though. 🙂
    Lovely shots today. I’m sorry that Bertil is shouting for his trees but happy that Nova seems to be momentarily obedient.
    Enjoy your tea. I’m going for a nap.

    • Hi Caryn!
      Isn´t that annoying when one breaks a part like that! and it always seems to happen on a Sunday or a big holiday 🙂 🙂

      I´ve never had that many deers at the same time in my garden, three at the most. But I doubt they would eat the skunk cabbage 🙂

      I´m sorry for that cat too, it really upsets him when all the trees are gone.

      Have a great day now!

  7. Christer, I am sooo far behind in my visits. Far behind in everything actually!
    I love the photo’s, as usual, and how it’s almost like standing right there. I stumbled across a site yesterday that was in Sweden and she had the most gorgeous clothing I have ever seen in my life. For children as well as adults. So colorful, lots of thick warm fabrics…lots of red! Of course I loved that. 🙂 She said it is the coldest winter in a hundred years this year! It must have been cold. I know you mentioned it was pretty bad this winter.
    It’s fun watching your seasons…

    Nova is the same breed as your other two dogs, right? She just looks a bit different. Is that because she is still young?
    See you tomorrow…or monday..but probably tomorrow…
    Take care..hot tea does sound good after being out in the cold. It was COLD her today..and there was an air show…just across from our home…but we did NOT go! I saw some people walking to it without jackets and wearing shorts and flip flops on their feet. 🙂 The must have thought it was going to get warm later in the day. It didn’t. More rain tonight.

    I loved the picture of the little doves too. So cute.

    • Hi Mona!
      So am I! Time just flies away now when the days gets longer.

      It was actually the coldest winter in 158 years here, that was when they started measuring the temperature. So we desperately needs this sun that we get now 🙂

      No Nova is a bit different mix than my boys are. Orvar and Hector is a mix of New Foundland, german shepherd, labrador, dalmatian, border collie, staffordshire bullterrier and probably greyhound. Nova is Staffordshire bullterrier and border collie and most probably something more 🙂 🙂 🙂 But she looks just like a miniature copy of old Erna 🙂 🙂 I found out that Nova actually is 19 months old now, so she´s grown up.

      It´s getting warmer this coming week here, but no way close to shorts weather 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  8. It was a good Saturday for me, too. Had to go to the hospital (long story) and got behind on my visits. Now, my main site can’t be accessed through Google. (They’re fixing it but it’s driving me crazy.) Enjoy your tea and hugs all the dogs for me.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      Today is not as nice as yesterday though, but as long as it doesn´t snow I´m happy 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  9. Du glömde berätta för Terria att du har varg också – för den har väl närmat sig dina trakter!?
    Bertil ser vansinnigt “vild” ut på bilden och passar perfekt in i dina “vilda” bilder.
    Ni verkar alla ha det jätteskönt på prommisarna, även Nova numera.
    Själva ägnade vi gårdagen åt att först åka till Visby (4,5 mil) i vår lilla pickup och hämta en ny soffa, sen köra hem VÄLDIGT sakta. Därefter sälja vår gamla 3,9 m långa sektionssoffa – alltså bära och kånka en massa – och sen bära in den nya som var extremt tung så vår vän fick komma och hjälpa till. Så vi var ganska trötta igår, men idag får man ju vila framför TV´n!
    Först är det Formula One alldeles strax (repris sen morgonen), sen är det lunch och en prommis med Penny i skogen, sen är det trädgårdsprogram och Nascar ikväll (ett 4-timmars race) och då ska jag ligga i den nya soffan och bara njuta!

    • Tjänare Susie!
      Nja, de bara passerar här verkar det som, så det kändes inte riktigt rätt att säga att vi har dem här.

      Kan tänka mig att det var jobbigt för er igår 🙂 Soffor väger alltid minst dubbelt mot vad de verkligen gör när man måste flytta runt dem 🙂 🙂
      Blir till att ta några promenader här idag men inte så mycket mer, vinden är svinkall och verkar nå in precis över allt!

      Ha det gott framflr tv:n!

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