Snow and wind and cold.

The deers are coming back to feed now when the snow is back again.

I woke up to a calm morning with a cloudy sky but no snow. The sky was cloudy but it shoved no signs of any more snow. They had promised two days of heavy snowfalls so all of us at work sighed of relief that they were wrong this time. But it snowed like crazy up in Stockholm ( our capital) instead. They had so much snow that no busses could drive on the roads and people were told to leave their cars at home.

You can see the snowdrift behind my neighbors greenhouse.

But there were calm places too.

That´s a bit difficult if one wants to get to work though🙂 But we all smiled and said that they could have it, it´s not such an important place anyway🙂 So I was going to do what I always does after work, do my shopping for the coming week. But around lunchtime the snow came and with the snow the strong winds, so I skipped my plans when I was about to drive home to my little cottage.

What is he looking at🙂

But it wasn´t as bad as it looked to be honest. The snow itself was manageable but the snowdrift was a bit tiresome. I had problems seeing the road sometimes and when I drove after a snow plow it was impossible🙂🙂🙂 But I came home without to much trouble and the strong cold winds made us just taking a short walk. We walked on the cow pasture just outside the cottage so they all could run free for half an hour. I have realized that Nova doesn´t understand even very obvious signals from my old boys.

She just don´t understand when she must calm down and even if the boys shows they are tired or something else she just keeps on annoying them (like biting them in their back legs on and on and on and …..). It got so bad that both Hector and Orvar tried to bite her. So I grabbed her and calmed her down some before releasing her again and the walk home worked out great.

More snowdrift.

Now it´s time for something to eat and perhaps a pot of tea too. Tomorrow I´ll measure my patio and then I´ll make a drawing of how I would like my eventual greenhouse to look like. Tonight is as usual SciFi night at channel six, but instead of replacing “The legend of the seeker” with a new series today they´ll show Simpson´s behind the scenes instead. Unfortunately they have already showed that several times so I do hope they have something new for us next Friday.                                                                                                   Have a great day now!

16 thoughts on “Snow and wind and cold.

  1. Här har det snöat både på längden och tvären idag och blåst sanslöst mycket. Det är ju bara att gilla lägen men shit vad jag vill ha vår:)) Jobbigt med Nova men hon har väl aldrig fått umgås med andra hundar så det tar nog tid att få henne att fatta. Ha en trevlig helg/Monne

    • Tjänare Monne!
      Ja, något annat kan man ju inte göra, men jag gör det under protest🙂🙂

      Nova har nog inte mycket social träning med andra hundar, hon kan inte läsa signaler alls🙂 Men nu går det jättebra inne så det löser sig nog ute ganska så fort också. Hon verkar i alla fall komma bäst överense med Hector.

      Ha en trevlig kväll!

  2. Your Sci Fi channel sounds a little strange sometimes. Too bad not a good choice for you tonight. Commuting in blowing snow is not one of my favorite things to do. Have a great week end planning your greenhouse. I love the new header.

    • Hi Robin!
      That channel is mostly a low quality channel🙂🙂🙂 But they do have good shows too. They are lousy to announce changes in the tv tableau, they can stop showing a series without telling us why and they usually forgets to tell us when they start showing it again🙂🙂🙂 But they usually keep SciFi night as a SciFi night🙂🙂🙂 It´s my favorite channel🙂🙂

      Thankfully it was still very light when I drove home, otherwise it would have been a nightmare.
      So You noticed the new header🙂
      Have a great day now!

  3. hi christer…..we are starting to warm up so it is stink bug time again! ugh! do you have cable channels in sweden? how many channels can you get. i have like 600 channels on my tv. i baked for 10 hours straight today and have a full day of cooking ahead tomorrow. it is about to be an early bedtime for me tonight! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      It´s so cold outside that it feels nothing can survive out there at the moment🙂
      People living in apartment buildings have cable all the others usually have via satellite. But we can get lots of channels via our tv antennas too if we pay for it. But I only have the free channels and I think I have six or seven.

      Baking for ten hours!!! I admire You! I usually gets bored after one bread🙂🙂🙂

      Have a great day tomorrow!

  4. Anyone who knows Nova can spot her a mile away. She is soooo cute. I wonder why she bites the back of Hectors legs. Must be some kind of signaling or innate behavior only known to that breed. I love the photos today but was a tad pale looking at the wonder of the pine tree and how the wind has torn its’ limbs apart. That I don’t like but perhaps they will grow back in the Spring. When is Spring over there? Enjoy measuring those windows. I would help but you are too far away and I only have a sweater for cold weather.

    • Hi Z&M!
      Yes she really si beautiful and she look so much like old Erna did I sometimes forgets her name is Nova🙂🙂

      We only know one of the breeds in her and that´s Border collie. Orvar and Hector has that too and I have seen they do the same, but they have always stopped if the other one tells them to. It will take some time but she will understand those rules in the end🙂

      I´m not sure what pine tree You are writing about though.

      With a bit of luck spring arrives in middle of March as earliest but it can come in late April too like it did last year.

      The patio is rather small so I´ll manage to measure it myself🙂 but thanks anyway🙂 It´s way to cold to wear a sweater today anyway, You would freeze withing minutes🙂🙂

      Have a great day now!

  5. Hi Christer,
    Nice blowing snow shots. We had that with our Christmas storm. Yesterdays storm was a real bust. Just 1.5 inches and most of it is melted today. Good luck on the new green house. Our spinach is starting to look like real spinach now. BUT still no lettuce (old seed i think).
    On a good night we have 11 tv channels here (depending on wind, clouds, phase of the moon, and low flying UFO’s). And usually nothing worth watching. BUT since we only use an antenna we save a bunch.
    Have a great weekend. Grenville

    • Hi Grenville!
      I don´t think we got that much snow to be honest, but it will stay for at least a week they say.

      Lettuce usually wants it cooler to germinate than spinach, that´s why it can take some time for them to germinate. Can You place it a bit cooler perhaps.

      Like You I only use an antenna and I can only get the free channels, so I think I have six of them. Most of what they show is crap, but we have one channel, called the knowledge channel that shows really interesting programs. Like since, documentaries, history programs and lots more interesting things.

      Have a great day now!

  6. Vädret här har varit precis lika trist som hos dig. Igår var jag tvungen att åka in till Hemse och på dom öppna platserna var det en otrolig snödrift, så man är extremt tacksam för “pinnarna” vägverket satt ut. (Tänk att det var någon idiot som ville dra in på reflexerna på dom!?)
    Men den korta resan dit (1,5 mil) gick bra och ärendena uträttades – fast som vanligt glömde jag en massa i mataffären. Det viktigaste var dock att jag fick med mig lite gott vin att överraska min gubbe med. Tänkte vi skulle äta en riktigt god middag ikväll och fira att årets första bilrace kommit igång med GP2 igår och idag och så Nascar´s (vår favorit) Shoutout inatt kl 02.00.
    Nova har ju en del ofog för sig, men jag tycker det verkar som om hon har acklimatiserat sig väldigt bra ändå – med tanke på hennes bakgrund. Hon kanske har lite Lancashire Heeler i sig också, hon biter ju i hasorna på dom andra två, det är typiskt dom! *fniss* Fast då skulle hon vara betydligt lägre förstås.🙂🙂

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Riktigt skitväder hade vi, men ni hade det nog lite värre än oss trots allt. Det vore nog inte fel att tvinga ut tjänstemännen i verkligheten ibland så att de kanske fattar vad de vill besluta om🙂🙂 Tvinga ut dem i snöstorm och mörker så kanske de fattar bättre🙂🙂

      Jag själv är mera för rallycross och Svenska rallyt🙂

      Vi vet ju inte vad hgon har för raser i sig den lilla damen🙂 Bordercollie vet vi och de förra ägarna säger att hon försökte valla dem🙂 Men det är nog inte helt otroligt att hon har Heelern i sig också, höjden kan komma från andra raser. Fast jag vet att uttråkade bordersoliies i storstan också kan bärja nafsa i benen (faktiskt bita rejält om de inte får som de vill), så det kan vara något sådant betende som spökar också. Men det går faktiskt riktigt bra här nu, så det kommer att fungera bra i det långa loppet🙂

      Ha det gott!

    • Hi Z&M!
      Aha! You mean the two spruces! It´s two trees and both looks just fine🙂 I think it´s the angle I´ve taken the photo in that makes it look like it does🙂

  7. I worked a lot of overtime last week and then I got sick and somehow I have fallen behind on my fav blogs!

    I LOVE the photos of the BLACK dogs against the WHITE snow!
    You really capture their happiness!🙂
    – Cindi

    • Hi Cindi!
      A good thing with the net is what´s written stays for a long time or until we delete it🙂 (sometimes good is a better way to write)

      Take care now!

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