Home early :-)

It´s a wonderful day once again and I´m home early and even more early than I had expected 🙂 I had an appointment at the hospital to x-ray my left hip and arrived a bit early. I think I waited around two minutes and then they called me to the machine. I think I was in the x-ray room for around five minutes and then we were done. So I actually came home just before I was scheduled to take the x-rays 🙂 🙂 I will know the result when I get my appointment to my doctor.

The sun is shining and it´s so warm outside and inside the cottage that I really don´t have to have a fire in the stove, but I have one anyway. It´s better to start a bit early and have a warm and nice home when the cold finally starts. But I doubt it will be that cold because they say we´ll have some snow tonight, not much though.

The Sea buckthorn is either male or female. This is flower buds on a male bush.

This is the flower buds on a female bush.

I looked up the mountain just before the sun was going down yesterday and saw that a house had caught fire! I couldn´t see the house but I have seen to many fires in houses to not understand that it was a house. The sky was filled with heavy black/grey smoke and it continued for quite some time. Today I learned that no one had been injured though.

Flower buds on my Siberian Redberried elderberry bush.

The owner haven´t had anything but bad luck these last years. First a tromb (or as You call it Tornado) hit the house some years ago. Now trombs isn´t common over here at all. Perhaps one small every year and usually by the ocean and never especially big, perhaps a barn roof gets destroyed or a caravan might get destroyed in the worst case scenario. But this house did get a bit damaged then. His wife died of cancer not long ago and now when the house had been fully renovated something electrical went wrong and burned down the house. I do hope he has an insurance.

The house sparrow is getting rare here in the countryside. They are too effective when they harvest the different grains so they have very little to eat. I have three nesting couples under my tiles 🙂

The House sparrow belongs to the weaver birds but it´s very rare we get to see their nest hanging in the trees up here in the north. It looks very much like its cousin, the Field sparrow. The House sparrow however has grey on its skull while the Field sparrow is brown and has a black spot on its cheeks.

I have a pot of tea by my side and the sun is slowly going down. I think I´ll take a short nap 🙂 But not to long because I want to be able to fall asleep tonight 🙂                                   Have a great day now!


15 thoughts on “Home early :-)

  1. Ser att det har smält undan en hel del hos dig också:) Hoppas att väderleksrapporten är fel för jag vill inte ha mer snö nu varken lite eller mycket:) Stackars din granne, en del drabbas tydligen av allt. Vi hade också en granne vars hus totalförstördes i veckan av brand. De är själva i spanien på en 3 månader lång semester då hon skulle vila upp sig efter en canceroperation tänk vilken fasa att komma hem till ett totalt förstört hus:( Så hemskt. Ha det gott/Monne

    • Hejsan Monne!
      Ja det smallt undan riktigt fort här 🙂 Önskar det kunde hålla sig så, men nu skall det komma upp till 2,5 cm inatt och imorgon. Dessutom skall det bli kallt igen så det lär ju ligga kvar dessutom tyvärr.

      Kan nog inte kalla honnom granne, det är rätt långt upp på berget, men synd om människan är det likväl. Stackars dina grannar! Kan tänka mig hur jobbigt de har det nu!

      Ha det gott!

  2. Hi Christer,
    If you run out of House Sparrows, there are plenty over here that you can have for free. We have a huge supply. 🙂
    I love the photo of the shed with the tools. All the neutral colors with the pop of red and rust and a background of blue snow and sky.
    Bertil is out there looking like a forest tiger again. The seedlings make him look bigger than the average cat.
    Is that elderberry the one that hasn’t learned not to flower so early in the year?
    Enjoy your nap and the rest of your day off.

    • Hi Caryn!
      I´ll tell You when it´s time to mail me some then 🙂 🙂 🙂

      That is my favorite photo too!
      Yes it´s that elderberry. Now the temps will fall rather much again, so if it´s not very lucky I think those buds will get damaged.
      It was a short but very nice nap 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  3. Great post today and I think the sparrows make it full of life. That’s good. Sorry for your neighbor. We have a saying over here, “when it rains, it pours”. Looks like it happened to him. Those elderberries have a front name from Russia Siberian? Why? I thought that was an entirely different bush than what you are showing here.

    • Hi Z&M!
      Well he´s not really a neighbor because it´s several miles between us, but I´m sorry for him anyway.

      Those elderberry bushes real name is something like Ussurian redberried elderberry bushes, because they come from that region in Siberia. Well the seeds did anyway 🙂 It looks very much like all redberried elderberry bushes but these fruits is said not being toxic like almost all other redberried elderberry bushes fruits are.

      Have a great day now!

  4. hi christer! great photos today. it must feel like a heat wave with the weather. we are sub zero still and i actually turned my heat up. bertyl looks like a real hunter! joyce

    • Hi Joyce!
      Yes it does 🙂 But now the temps are falling a couple of days and then rise again in the weekend. I do hope it will stay warm after that! I do long for spring now 🙂 🙂
      It must be real cold if You turned up the heat 🙂

      He is a fantastic mice hunter that cat 🙂 He doesn´t bring them in though and for that I´m really grateful 🙂 🙂
      Have a great day now!

  5. Jaså, Bertil är en förklädd tiger!? Ibland kan verkligen utseendet göra att man tror att ens husdjur är snällt och menlöst, men så kommer klorna (i Pennys fall tänderna) fram och då vet man ju att det är ett djur.
    Penny har ju med åren blivit betydligt lugnare, men när folk förr alltid skulle lyfta henne för dom tyckte hon såg ut som en liten söt valp (vid t.ex. 10-årsåldern), då jäklar. Hon både hissade och morrade och folk blev väldigt förskräckta. Hon gillar inte att bli lyft av obekanta och jag försöker hinna med att förvarna, men dom som inte kan djur och förstår att låta djuren ta initiativet först, dom ser med helt andra ögon på Penny numera. Hon har dock inte bitit någon och numera är hon betydligt lugnare.

    • Hejsan Susie!
      Jo både Teodor och Bertil kan vara riktigt otrevliga! De är allt annat äm kelkatter 99% av tiden

      Erna hatade hindar, men resten av världen gick an. Men man får ju förstå dem, hur kul skulle vi tycka det var att någon kom och lyfte upp oss hur som helst 🙂 🙂 Fast åldern tar ju ut sin rätt även på humöret 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  6. Wow, Christer, your photos today showed green again after I was getting used to seeing everything coated in snow. Amazing that the buds are coming out too. Hope this means your cold and snowy winter will be ending soon…but probably not very likely.

    • Hi Beatrice!
      Well the green didn´t last long, it snowed today again and now it´s going to be really cold again for a while. They think the winter will last until late March at the least.

      Have a great day now!

  7. I’m hoping you get very good results from you X-ray. Imagine getting called in so soon that you beat your scheduled time! That is excellent. Loved the photos and kind of miss the snow. Isn’t that crazy? Bertil seems to find the ground a bit wet. Did he find the birds? Enjoy your tea and nap…

    • Hi Sharlene!
      I don´t expect anything else than a good result on the x-rays 🙂 This is the second time I´m away from the hospital before I was scheduled to get in to my appointment 🙂

      I certainly don´t miss the snow, but now it´s back again. We got between 2-4 inches of that white garbage today.

      I don´t think Bertil minds wet ground at all, it´s better than snow anyway 🙂 🙂 But he doesn´t hunt birds only rat and mice 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  8. It looks like it’s almost Spring!
    I’m so used to seeing the blue evenings!
    I think the days are getting longer because yesterday when I got home it was still light outside! Of course it helped that I actually got out of work on time for once. I can’t hardly wait for it to be warm outside and to think about doing garden type of stuff.
    I feel so bad for the man with all the tragedy. Life is certainly not fair! I hope something good will finally come his way!
    Love that Bertil!
    How the Xrays show all is well!
    Take care, Cindi

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