The winds has reached gale force and the rain is hanging in the air. One or two drops falls now and again, but it seems that the rain is heading somewhere else. The sun peaks through the clouds in small cracks that exists for a second or two. It is autumn.

There wasn´t any problems with starting a fire in the stove today, the winds were roaring through the chimney so the first small flames grew large and mighty just seconds after their life had begun. By the time we came home after our walk it was time to put another log in the stove and to start boiling water for a pot of tea. I won´t use the electric stove any more from now on, nor the water boiler 🙂

After my dogs and cats had gotten their food I made a couple of sandwiches from my newly baked rosemary bread with cheese in it. I used a strong flavored cheese this time and the bread got so tasty that I really didn´t need anything on it 🙂 I´ll never make a bread like this again, since I never follows any recipes when baking and I have already forgotten what kind of cheese and how much of it I used 🙂 🙂

It is already getting dark outside and the winds are howling like mad wolves around my cottage. The heat from the stove is slowly spreading through the cottage and my tea is ready by my side. Tonight I think I´ll have all the lights off. The sounds from the outside world will be enough entertainment as it is. It´s autumn.

Have a great day my friends.


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  1. Brrrr…this post almost made me shiver the way you describe the weather in such great detail! I bet you love sitting by your cozy, warm stove listening to the wind howl….”like mad wolves” 🙂
    I can imagine pretty soon your world will be covered in a blanket of snow! Being so far north…you must see the northern lights sometimes??

    • Hi Chris!
      I do love it 🙂 But now the winds has turned a bit, so cold air blows up from my cellar pushing away the heat from the stove 🙂 🙂

      I do hope the snow will wait some time more. Last year was a terrible snowy winter. I think I had 1 meter (about 1 yard) of snow then. But the ten years before that we had barley no snow at all. Those winters were mostly warm too. The climate is changing rapidly here.

      It happens that we can see northern lights here, but very rarely. We have to go even further north to be sure to see it I´m afraid. It is so beautiful!

      Have a great day now!

    • Hejsan Nina!
      Sitter man vid spisen och myser kan man ju snabbt baka nytt bröd och slänga in i ugnen när man ändå är där 🙂

      Ha det gott!

  2. It sounds like the perfect evening to me! I love being bundled up in my cosy little house , sitting with a hot cup of tea while the wind whistles outside.
    When I had a woodstove, I often left the lights off and could watch the flames for hours… but with electric heat, it’s just not as nice, I’m afraid.

    • Hi Tatersmama!
      I love evenings like this, but prefer when it happens on weekends 🙂

      No it´s not the same looking at a radiator 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  3. Some of these photos almost look black and white. It’s the winter crawling by and the third shot of the mushrooms on the tree log is really good. The color stands out because of the lack of sunlight. Very good subject matter too. I see the portal is wide open. Now here comes the snow! Enjoy your last days of Fall.

    • Hi Z&M!
      As long as I don´t get any grass in the photos they do look like black and white ones 🙂

      They say we´ll get snow mixed rain on Friday here, I´m not happy at all.

      Have a great day now!

  4. Hi Christer…I could almost feel the chill. It won’t be long now and I will see photo’s of snow falling and ice in your windows. I’m looking forward to the beauty of it all..

    • Hi Mona!
      You and all the others really want to see snow here long before I want to 🙂 🙂 🙂 But they say we will get snow mixed rain later this week 🙂

      Have a great day now!

  5. Christer, lately every time I look at your lovely photos of frost, and they are that too, I start to shiver a bit and wish I was sitting at home in a comfortable chair with a blanket, cup of tea (or hot cocoa) and a book to read. We are still on our Maine road trip for the next week and a half and then head home to the VA eastern shore after a stopover in Lancaster, PA to see family. Thankfully, we have not seen any frost here, just some shilly daytimes. And back home it will be warm enough to be outside working as we will be cutting back the wildflowers and the cleaning up the garden. Indian summer is my favorite time to be outdoors. Funny story about Hector and Ovar being so troublesome and getting baths and you too, but sure it was not as funny to you (or them) at the time.

    Thanks for all the comments on our trip postings!

    • Hi Beatrice!
      I can understand the feeling 🙂 It has been cold here and I´m glad that I could get You all to feel it too 🙂 🙂

      I do wish we had Your warmer climate up here, but how hot would it be down south if that was the case 🙂
      I´ve enjoyed Your trip very much!
      Have a great day now!

  6. As I look longingly at the unlit fireplace, I’m dealing with 80-degree weather! But, that will change, I’m sure… So cozy for you, there… enjoy your tea and fire… The pictures are wonderful, today.

    • Hi Sharlene!
      You just missed todays blog with a minute I think 🙂 🙂

      It is a bit to hot to lit a fire in the fireplace if You have up to 80´s 🙂 But yes, that will most certainly change(unless we get it all this year 🙂 ). The tea is good as always 🙂
      Have a great day now!

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